I just realized there's this fancy thing called 512kb.club @kev, I wanted to join it and when I checked I realized my blog already qualifies for this 😄

So there we go: github.com/kevquirk/512kb.club

@wzqtparor @kev hmm there's 10KB of css... I wonder if I can keep slightly sensible look and kill that CSS at same time ...

@bshah @wzqtparor I think 10k is too far. I think you can easily have a 10kb site, but it wouldn’t leave much room for scope to make it interesting or unique.

@kev @bshah @wzqtparor You can always make your site interesting or unique with words rather than with CSS/images/JS.

The 10kb club also doesn't count stuff like favicons, webmanifest icons, the webmanifest itself, etc. so you can still use branding.
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