@tennoseremel @wzqtparor Thunderbolt is in many ways just PCIe over a cable. For better or for worse.

It's why you can plug a GPU into it and have it work without too much degradation or too many funky device-specific drivers in the middle.

But it also means people can plug "flash drives" from strangers into a PCIe port.

@quad @tennoseremel @wzqtparor
Thunderbolt 4: it might be USB, it might be Firewire, and the only way to find out is plug it in and see if it attacks you.

@wzqtparor whatcs the difference between usb blaze it and 3.2 20GB/s?
The many cancers that "smart"phones introduced.
@duponin @wzqtparor nah usb 3.2 also includes the 5 gbps (gen 1) and 20 gbps (gen 2x2) standards as well
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