Run GNU/Linux and XFree86 on a 80386 with merely 2 MB RAM

Having 32 GB RAM and the web browser is still super laggy

@allison @wzqtparor @julienxx we're in the era where eww is now a lightweight browser

@wzqtparor @julienxx install sqlite3, then:
$ for i in *.sqlite; do echo "vacuum;" | sqlite3 $i ; done

for f in ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/*.sqlite; do sqlite3 $f "vacuum; ; done

it will compress the firefox database.
Also in the about:preferences#privacy section you can empty the cache and cookies.

@wzqtparor @julienxx
you forgot 2010s:
let's make small 10" laptops with Atom CPUs - just for web browsing, that shouldn't need much power - and call them "netbooks"

@wolf480pl @wzqtparor @julienxx netbook form factor is cool but i dont think they were built that well, might be wrong though

@wowaname @julienxx @wzqtparor
I had one, I loved the form factor and the keyboard layout, but having to choose between running Firefox *or* Thunderbird at any particular time wasn't fun...

And then its HDD died. And when I tried to replace it, I somehow managed to fry both the internal power circuits and the external power supply at the same time.

@wolf480pl you sound like management. My mate is a manager and manages to kill gear in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Sometimes without even doing anything 😆

@wowaname @julienxx @wzqtparor

@swansinflight lol no, I'm not a manager, and I'd make a terrible one.

@wowaname I still have my NB300 Toshiba, that thing is a little beast. I specced it up to 2GB ram, originally had 1GB 🤦‍♂️
Of course, it now has Manjaro on it.

@julienxx @wolf480pl @wzqtparor

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