@wzqtparor why though? In short answer Wincrap is sucks

@duponin @wzqtparor elaborate on this please what instructions windows 11 does not support anymore
@mew27 @duponin @wzqtparor youtube.com/watch?v=qrH4zEBmztc

it appears limited to very recent cps (since 2019). e.g. according to that guy's findings, the R7 2700X I'm running would not be allowed.
@Terra_australis @wzqtparor windows is bad too, but windows works for my use, gaming
@creamqueen @wzqtparor why? everything you would be using would be available on bindows and lincucks.
everything is 3rd party

@creamqueen @wzqtparor @Terra_australis
I heard this shit sooo many times, and not ONE real argument for it. :ablobcatsweatsip:

@sysrq @wzqtparor how about you call an employment status your job you gay nigger
@creamqueen @wzqtparor
Sorry I can't hear you with all these NSA backdoors in the way
@sysrq @wzqtparor sorry I can't hear you over the epic video game im playing smoothly
@creamqueen @wzqtparor
Sorry I can't hear you over all the proprietary licenses
@sysrq @wzqtparor i haven't paid for windows nor do I have any bloatware on my version
@creamqueen @wzqtparor
Windows is still proprietary, imagine not having access to the source code
@creamqueen @wzqtparor
Neither do I, but I like being able to customize it, modify the code to do my bidding, actually owning the software, knowing the feds don't have any backdoors, etc. so stop coping wincuck
@sysrq @wzqtparor I plug computer in and play game. I have no reason for feds to be investigating me.
@sysrq @wzqtparor im not doing anything illegal. I have no reason to be paranoid
@wzqtparor yea, what are the feds gonna do about it? Its a legitimate product key
@creamqueen @wzqtparor
Ah yes the classic "nothing to fear, nothing to hide", you may have no reason to be paranoid but what about the principle of it!
@creamqueen @wzqtparor
I mean there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise
@sysrq @wzqtparor I plug computer in and play game, it just works. I dont have to fuck around with anything, and the OS does an OK job at it
@creamqueen @wzqtparor @sysrq I love this argument because, well, I just plugged in a computer and started playing games on it very recently, a steambox. It had win something on it when I bought it so I nuked it first thing. No hassle, no fuss, off it goes. All the problems it has are due to being a shitty $100 thing that I bought from a pawn shop.

Just immagine what would happen, if some major co.pany put this kind of artificial constraint on their SW during a major chip shortage... That would be fun. :alexjonessmile2:

@wzqtparor I'd like to see the 32yo CPU that can run a 64-bit kernel. ;P

I think the closest one is MIPS R4000, supported by Linux, and it will be 30 y/o this October.
Intel i860 was introduced in 1989, but Linux does not support it yet.

@TheoryToE @wzqtparor Linux? You would need 5 eternities of patching for any modern Linux to run on a 32yo CPU. Plan9 though is another story :ablobcool:

@wzqtparor Probably some poor dev to worked his ass of just to support a cpu little to no-one uses.

Newly manufactured 80486 was used in embedded systems till 2007. It's old but it's reliable.

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