@wzqtparor why though? In short answer Wincrap is sucks

@duponin @wzqtparor elaborate on this please what instructions windows 11 does not support anymore
@mew27 @duponin @wzqtparor youtube.com/watch?v=qrH4zEBmztc

it appears limited to very recent cps (since 2019). e.g. according to that guy's findings, the R7 2700X I'm running would not be allowed.
@Terra_australis @wzqtparor windows is bad too, but windows works for my use, gaming
@creamqueen @wzqtparor why? everything you would be using would be available on bindows and lincucks.
everything is 3rd party

@creamqueen @wzqtparor @Terra_australis
I heard this shit sooo many times, and not ONE real argument for it. :ablobcatsweatsip:

@Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor MacOS is just *nix with the unfortunate downside of actually working when you need it to
@sapphire @creamqueen @wzqtparor
you have to be a fucking smooth-brain gorilla nigger if you somehow manage to make unix not work
niggers like you should stop trying to have everything bleeding edge
@Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor sorry m8 I actually work for a living, don't have time to tweak shit on my work machine because some tranny FOSS dev pushed a shit update
@sapphire @creamqueen @wzqtparor
and whats that job:
sending documents to colleagues?
code monkey?
@Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor none of the above, but keep trying eventually you'll brute force your way into it
@sapphire @creamqueen @wzqtparor
so no job that would even slightly benefit from benefit from being a macfag
you're being gay for no reason
@sapphire @creamqueen @wzqtparor there is NO job that overtly benefits from being a macfag
save for an employee of apple
@Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor literally anything that benefits from Linux benefits from MacOS plus the added bonus of it actually working.

Sorry you get your information from pajeets on /g/
@sapphire @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor
>uses mac because too scared of terminal
>uses mac because GNU/Linux requires half a brain and a thing called effort
@sysrq @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor >mac literally has a terminal
its almost like all of you guys are playing toy OS and don't realize people do mission critical work smh
@sysrq @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor I'll give you guys a challenge: give me one actual upside to a Linux box over running MacOS on my Mac that doesn't out you as poor or emotionally invested
@sapphire @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor
Access to source code
No fed backdoors
Versatility with hardware
Not bloat
Is compliant with standards
Can do pretty much anything
Can be used by anyone without much of a learning curve
Actually works (try me you little shit)

this enough?
@creamqueen @Terra_australis @sapphire @wzqtparor
Well this is regarding (h)o(mo)s(e)x not windows but the fact that you have to remove bloat in the first place is quite cringe
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@sysrq @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor
>access to source code
literally doesn't matter and the base system is FOSS, try again
>no fed backdoors
[citation needed]
>versatility with hardware
poor argument, already said that's disallowed
of what?
>not bloat
MacOS runs lighter than most Linux distros, unless again I want to dedicate time I don't have to maintenance
>Is compliant with standards
POSIX compliant retard, keep up with the times
>can do pretty much anything
so can any box for which you have root access, not an argument
>can be used by anyone
"it just werks"
>actually works
don't have time to tweak it, my work machine gets sent to me and I'm expected to perform day one, not after 8 hours of bullshit

anything else?
@sapphire @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor
Base system is foss? since when?

Also if you need a citation for fed backdoors you're actually retarded, it's self evident but if you want a source then go to wikileaks, go to the NSA leak and boom, all the proof but if that is too much effort than just look up "PRISM surveillance program"

And versatility with hardware is an argument, Debian have disk images for just about any CPU architecture and a fuckton of drivers for hardware in general

And freedom from the government, large business, arbitrary restrictions, etc

and the "gOtTa TwEaK fOr 8 hOuRs" not an argument
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@sapphire @sysrq @creamqueen @wzqtparor
every answer is either you being too stupid to understand how computers work or you being unaware of how how linux works and what it is
either you're a retard that doesn't understand anything you are saying
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@Terra_australis @creamqueen @sysrq @wzqtparor >emotional investment

try again

also my Macbook was free, try having a job
@sapphire @sysrq @creamqueen @wzqtparor
>mission critical
you aren't doing anything of worth in your job
what is your job? because you sound like you are at the very low end of what ever you do
@Terra_australis @creamqueen @sysrq @wzqtparor 1. "dox urself bigot"
2. lol keep guessing, its funny to watch you fumble
@sapphire @sysrq @Terra_australis @creamqueen @wzqtparor right, like almost the exact same terminal, how was that supposed to be an own?
@hydramacready @Terra_australis @creamqueen @sysrq @wzqtparor they're children and they don't realize that a job comes with more responsibilities than "write buggy patches for FOSS software that get rejected" and "code minecraft exploits"
@sapphire @hydramacready @creamqueen @sysrq @wzqtparor
>write buggy patches for FOSS software that get rejected
only retards do this
>code minecraft exploits
says the java-monkey
@Terra_australis @creamqueen @hydramacready @sysrq @wzqtparor I still don't code retard, I enjoy the sex I was assigned at birth too much to be a code tranny.
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@sapphire @creamqueen @wzqtparor
if a filing system is why you choose mac over bindows, you're an idiot
if you choose mac over anything because of the apps you are a retard
if you choose mac because of the simplity, you aren't doing anything important with regards to tech in any company save for apple
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