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people been asking to see live demo. here it is youtube.com/watch?v=NxmJU-3QXr
if you like it, thumb up, ♥, etc. so i may do more.

a much better set of questions, is simply to directly ask hot button issues of usa politics, such as abortion, gun, god, welfare, taxes.

the political compass site is badly designed, don't even gives you a picture with id with automated share to twitter facebook. and the questions, are basically stupid. I'd say, totally inaccurate even we assume such 2-axis simplification.

oh, my political compass is actually this. stupid website, totally. I can't believe that timcast is actually so a fan of this pop thing.

Holy fucking shit, am a pro sjw centrist. I don't want to be a centrist. I wanna be a free market libertarian extremist. The political compass is WRONG!

the political compass, is kinda stupid. because its simplistic.
and am taking its test now. The questions are idiotic. It asks basically fuzzy questions. and by the way, most people won't understand what they mean. you need to have basic understanding of economics.

for all the bad mouth facebook recently got, it has not put a dimple in facebook usage, from a recent report. 17 years ago, Microsoft was facing the same crisis, and nerd fanatics all want Microsoft to die. But today, facebook, google, is 1 magnitude worse. Society got worse.

the tech nerds, open source fanatics, needs to understand that vast majority of people don't care. For the past 20 years, we bitched, but it has gotten far worse. Crying about ideology is useless. You need to understand how people, society, actually works.

vast majority of people, even on twitter who are loud about privacy, do not actually really care about gdpr or other privacy law. As can be seen in this tweet. Most people, just want convenience. Companies knew that. The privacy cries, is just a show.Xah Lee added,


Evergreen State College enrollment dropped 18%. good. gooood. Justice. What happened to the baseball bat gang?

people been asking to see live demo. here it is youtube.com/watch?v=NxmJU-3QXr
if you like it, thumb up, ♥, etc. so i may do more.

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ten billion thousand words of pain.

Lauren Southern vs Candace Owens.
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Many young people today are not aware there is a feud between open source and FSF Free Software. Here's latest video of Stallman youtube.com/watch?v=Kqp9LIl5MH

sjw tenets have these characteristics: ① not precise, so no way to invalidate them. ② things every street people can relate. e.g. culture, women, rape, race, cops. ③ gives the sjw arbitrary power to say who's bad.

stealing is bad. But, suppose you are a genius thief cult, how can you make people think that stealing is good? Almost all tenets of sjw, have that effect. Code of Conduct, cultural appropriation, microaggression.

Code of Conduct, is a assault from sjw, onset ~2012. Its effect, is to get the weak to help the powerful (typically whiteman), with a ethics sticker. You should not contribute, unless you get paid. Try to create your own instead.

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