why is this prints output even though there's no print call?
import subprocess
subprocess.call(["ls", "-al"])

xah talk show 2019-03-22, math, tiling and patterns, web scam spam
• Tilings and Patterns Book xahlee.info/math/tilings_and_p
• Web Spam, Scam, Blackhat SEO Collection xahlee.info/w/spam_index.html
• JavaScript Book by David Flanagan, and Man-made Complexity in Computer Language xahlee.info/comp/js_book_man_m
• JavaScript Books Review 2018 xahlee.info/js/JavaScript_book
• JavaScript in Depth xahlee.info/js/js.html

omg loool, this, 2 girls 1 harp. WHAT r they doing? 10 million views, good job.youtube.com/watch?v=JhOhGhq0e5

xah talk show, in 4 hours. San Francisco time 4pm. goto youtube search xahlee subscribe+alert. come join me.

xah talk show 2019-03-21 Bach, Liszt, emacs xml mode, english, google, conjoint twin, savant, piano

truly incredible. half of the good things you hear about wind and solar power are promoted by big oil and coal corps, because it benefits them. it is nuclear that kills them.

this is incredible . wind and solar power actually do a lot harm. i checked , i trust this guy .

game of thrones is truly a master piece. there are chinese video summaries youtube.com/watch?v=5eZUycKfID

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