Easter Worshiper. what a extreme curious phrase. i've never heard of it neither. faak the sjgang.

Kim Iversen, a newcomer i found on youtube.
Liberals won't call out the Sri Lanka attack against Christians

CNN, MSNBC, ratings all time low. lol. they are the top fake video news.
For online text, top fake news are New York Times, Buzzfeed, Vice, AJ+.

Sanders, you too old. And you been a coward in 2016. And now you pander to the sjgang. I don't think you have a chance.

on this page,
Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs IJKL
am going to create a interactive demo to compute the efficiency. join me. start in 15 min.

("😂".length) === 2 returns true
in Depth: understand Character, Code Unit, Codepoint

gonna start xah talk show in about 30 min. SF time 4:30pm. gonna do live coding of a simple web app with js. goto youtube, search xahlee, sub+alert.

women, and the love of bags. why do they love bags so much? actually, i dunno. i can fathom their love for clothing n shoes. those has to do with sex.

create a array from 0 to n.
A more general range function:
// xah_range(min, max) → return a array from min to max, inclusive.
// xah_range(min, max, step) → in steps of step.

The sjgang, their strange marriage with islam in recent years, i think is politically motivated. Not that they believe in islam in anyway, but to borrow power from islamic nations and people.

you no understand.
Number.prototype is actually a number. It has a value of 0.
Reflect.apply ( Number.prototype.valueOf , Number.prototype, [] ) === 0
JS: Number.prototype xahlee.info/js/js_Number.proto
buy my book JavaScript in Depth

feminine song. 《记事本》 陈慧琳 (Notebook)
爱的痛了 痛的哭了 哭的累了

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