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understand how the jargons of OOP arose, explained from the ground up of basic concepts of function: class, method, object, static/instance, constructor, accessor, access specifiers, inheritance, class hierarchy, interface, abstract, iterator, enumerator, polymorphism. xahlee.info/comp/oop.html

note also, among programing language communities, they have diff sub-style. e.g. python, perl, unix man page, js community, lisp/clojure community. it's not simply different jargons of the programing lang, but a particular view point towards common things e.g. algorithm, comp sci stuff.

for examples of programers in-group style of using language, you can see for example, many articles at xahlee.info/comp/comp_lang_doc or e.g. python doc, unix man page. Note here, it's easy to see, mathematician wouldn't write it that way. that's why it's in-group.

for examples of mathematician's in-group speech/lang, you see it when you read lots graduate math text books, papers, or online e.g. mathoverflow. Note, it's not due to precision. rather, of all possible ways to say x, they have a particular way, a mindset.

for examples of black community, their manner of speech, diction, intonation, etc, you can find in rap music. e.g. • Hip-Hop Rap and the Quagmire of Blacks xahlee.org/music/hiphop.html
when you listen/read something, 50% info came from content, 50% from the style, tone, and what they didn't say out of all possible subjects

the white nubile girls specific intonation and diction, am not sure there's in-group or linguistic term other than valley girl. but note, in math communities, or programing communities, or black ghetto/rap community, you'll also find particular in-group dictions.

note, these girl things, when they talk, they have a particular intonation n diction. omg, like, totally. also, in Japan n taiwan, girls in TV or public sometimes speak in a fake high-pitched baby voice. Supposed to be cute and sexy.

Like, everytime am in grocery checkout, i stare at the gossip map covers, their headlines, and somehow wonder about humanity and sociology. What is it, in human animals, make these topics popular. And, in particular, among women.

youtube.com/watch?v=x7SYF3KrTz look at this. Girl Things, i have a obsession with. I can't help but see their beautiful body and faces. Meanwhile, they also make me puke, with extreme aversion. e.g. cosmo mag, or the thousand youtube hollywood gossip vids. usually with billion views.

Body language. Look at their looking. If you have to go verbal, all bets are off.
The show is Gossip Girl — girls's porn.
The song is Whatever You Like xahmusic.org/music/whatever_yo
it entails the power relationship of men & women

This song is a humanistic view of going into space. It elicits the weakness of human animals, the love in us, and the yearning and aspirations, in the backdrop of the vast expanse and mysteries of the universe.

analysis for the weekend.
Space Oddity, of 1969, the year human animals jumped on the moon.
serene n catastrophic.
The love, the aspiration. The venerableness, and the anthropic beauty of home.
A vernacular record of human's space program.

@xahlee It's worth noting that one of the major fights we had during the Common Lisp standardisation process was that the US military insisted nothing could be case sensitive since they were still using a lot of upper-case-only terminals.

@xahlee InterLisp-D was case sensitive, with a lot of the core functions having upper-case only names (for legacy reasons) but must of the newer stuff using camel case. We also used camel case in Portable Standard Lisp, although PSL core functions were lower-case-with-hyphens (like modern Clojure).

ok, nested dolist is a pain in the ass.
very hard to manage and edit.