bronze plaque containing an edict from the second emperor of the Qin dynasty. 209 BC.
Chinese Character Styles 汉字字体风格

so, in san francisco bay area aka the silicon valley, the train struck 2 today, probably both dead. looks like it's 3 in a month
Xah Talk 2019-07-19 lisp syntax, s-expr, m-expr, Mathematica, and meaning of sugar syntax

of ALL keyboard devices, counting ergodox, planc + plover, steno, this is the most efficient.
Using Piano to Type Text

Facebook’s former security chief Alex Stamos suggested Tuesday that it is very possible that China and Russia have subverted Google’s employees.

what's the diff of cheap pasta you get at Walmart vs expensive ones such as at trader joe? it seems to me the ingredient are all just semolina?

very sad that the young people today (say age 15 to 30) seems degenerate, ignorant, and without basic moral sense. Often unhappy, yet do random shit online such as mobbing, thrive by drama, and attitude “lalala what you gonna do about that?”

just realized i posted a lot stuff in my own thread yesterday but it got cc'd to different persons. Apparently, hides the cc. In fact, no option to remove the cc. fuck twitter.
Lisp, What's the Significance of Being “Symbolic”?
Computer Algebra
JavaScript+DOM String-Hell a Symptom of Language Not Symbolic?
Relation of Rule Based lang and Static Typing.
Or, Can Haskell be Symbolic and Remain Haskell?
this soph girl 🤯. my brain is to slow to follow
you can follow her at @sewernugget . and look at her handle. genius!

can we start to post voice on twitter? i want a mic 🎤button.

programing lang design is pretty much a community of amateurs. because, it has relatively little practical value and little theoretical value, unlike math.
that's Daniel Friedman, one of the few experts on programing language design. haven't seen him before.

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