test posting image.
lol. still doesn't work.
Fuck open source and fsf fanatics skums. skums of the society, brainless idiots, that got us google fb twitter.

gonna stop using mastodon for the next few days.
maybe when i come back things's will work

Xah Talk Show 2020-01-11
game of life, cellular automata, Universal Turing machine, Europa and the Bull, Greek Automata

maybe i stop using mastodon.
hasn't been working in past 4 or 5 days.
even stream don't show posts

that cheap chinese mouse got problems. when comp wake, it won't wake.
this logitech also got problems. left click sometimes doesn't work. well known prob with logitech mouse. but i had it for some 5 years
Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse Review xahlee.info/kbd/logitech_g600_
it is, however, the best MMO mouse. mouse with 20+ buttons

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the hole you are in.
fuck mastodon, can't post pic again.
in past 4 days

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live stream in 2.4 hours. 3pm San Francisco time.
youtube.com/c/xahlee/live sub + 🔔
oh, today's Sat!
Saturn day. i think
according to plan, today's topic should be math!
then, maybe we dive into game of life, and cellular automata!
appealing subject. popular n fun.

and for those bored over the weekend, peruse, the metamorphosis of the prime intellect xahlee.org/p/mopi/index.html

don't know the show though. youtube algorithm showed me it
but the essence of this clip, is that, what is it to be a true love spy.
and, i have a article on that
《天涯歌女》 (The Wandering Songstress) and Can You Trust Women?

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Xah Talk Show 2020-01-10
game of life on trifoil knot. lurid math. angle trisectors. spacemac, xah-fly-keys, ergoemacs mode

live stream in 1.6 hours. 2pm San Francisco time.
youtube.com/c/xahlee/live sub + 🔔
topic: keyboard + random.

readings. Strang stories from a chinese studio

can't post image.
fuck mastodon opensource fsf that got as google fb apple.

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