here's Patreon founder CEO Jack Conte. he's primarily a musician originally. here's his music video in 2008 that gained him some fame
it's pretty good

here's another report about patreon
“Patreon Called Me To Explain Why They Banned Sargon”
by @timcast aka timpool

note, Patreon ban'd
due to politics back in 2017-07. That was a big controversy.
Patreon founder CEO
went to
to talk about it, and gave promise and a exact rule. Apparently, he did not keep his promise.

note, Patreon recently ban'd Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad). basically, the sjgang did it.
here's Dave Rubin and Jorban Peterson discussing a solution.

1 star reviewer on amazon tend to be idiots.

Why a iron ball? cuz else you gonna be crushed by a 1 mega ton anvil. A ball is, like, u can't crush an egg in ur palm. But does anyone know how to calculate pressure? say, you are at n meters below a 10mx10m swimming pool.

this iron ball, is to be dropped 10km under sea. btw, most ocean floor is no more that 4km deep. that 10km is about the deepest chasms, where unknown creatures lurk.

the surface pro introduced me to pen computing. i think am getting a pen for my Mac too.
for under $100, apparently, wacom is still the best, according to 1 review.

here's the best USB 3.0 drives
• Samsung 128GB Drive
• Kingston Digital 64GB
• Sandisk 64GB

today's is, the most esoteric piece of Bach.
This 1 require acquired taste of serious nerdom.
The piece, Bach puffed out his last breath on the notes B A C H and died.
Now, watch the weirdo bizarre Glenn Gould at it.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard review
added lots more photos. another video upcoming.

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