anyone have experience with big curved monitor
for coding?

@xahlee The more real estate the better, until you have to actually turn your body. I work with three 24" narrow monitors and I find I have to flip the third one up to vertical orientation so I don't have to track too far back and forth. It's surprisingly useful for reading long documents and managing busy email though and then you have the other two for real work :coolcat:

@Ldough1 @xahlee I've never seen a window manager that can handle a giant display surface with an intuitive and ergonomic user interface.

The fact that the product demo photo shows the Windows desktop environment makes me giggle; it's the worst window manager in the industry.

@progo @Ldough1
dissing on Windows?

am not sure about that. but also, if you use autohotkey, one can make it more efficient than any linux tiling manager.
See also, my article
Why Tiling Window Manager Sucks (xmonad, ratpoison, dwm, …)

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