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fuck unicode.
the @unicode consortium has become a commercial turd, like any org that got big. they are now about money, swayed by politics, and creates bloated shit.

some unicode symbols, now becomes emoji, which makes many math symbols such as ↔ ➡ not usable.
unicode created skin colors (variant sequence invisible chars), which is now used to modify symbols.
but is badly written.

and there's no programable way to tell which char can be text and emoji or other combinatorial shit.

∑ Xah Lee 李杀 @xahlee

so unicode has this table.
if i understand correctly,
the column
“+EP -EPSq” means those are always emoji.
“+EP +EPSq” means can be emoji or text.
“-EP +EPSq” means always text.

and for the fk of me, i can't find these ⭐ 🌟 on that chart, and no unstand why they are not there. futter

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