fking roaming millennial liking random shit on twitter. just unfollowed. xah tip: if you want to be popular or run business on twitter, don't like things not very on topic for your readers.

twitter has this nasty thing, of showing tweets someone liked. you can't turn off, other than on each post click “i don't like this tweet” on each. twitter does that to gather personal data about you, so twitter can sell it.

Roaming Millennial is a pretty chick. she rose slowly of as one of those anti sjw. They, typically have 0 content. They get followers due to incessant anti sj posts. Also, since RM is a pretty girl, she gets followers for free.

similar youngsters anti sj stars includes @gogreen18 n @shoe0nhead . They typically don't have much knowledge (e.g. professors of subjects). but lacy green is at least “sex expert” in the mass edu sense, and shoe0nhead is actually quite funny, as comedian.

note, that in general these youngsters try to etch out a living doing their things. It's usually unsaid, but like everybody else, they try to grow their audience, e.g. on twitter. and then there's the problem of strategy. e.g. should you click ♥ of other's posts, etc.

the topic of growing an audience on so-called social media, is a billion dollar business, usually termed SEO. There are countless books, businesses, gurus, all trying or supposedly teach. It's all centered around $, just as every twitter ui or action is about $


the SEO business, began with Google some 10 years ago, when Google for selfish reasons tried to get the masses to promote its search engine with that concept, in the name of public participation. Creating a tech war escalation centered around GOOGLE's search engine and tech.

in particular, Google began with the non-standard html attribute ref="nofollow" that has no benefit to the public but itself and ad businesses. This was 2004, when Google was still considered do-no-evil.

but back to the millennials YouTube stars, either sj or anti sj. Seems, they r all wanting. u look at some of them, they have no real content, philosophy, knowledge, nor are they geniuses. all it takes is webcam and talkative, and not an imbecile

of course, the situation came from the era of Wikipedia that began in 2000s, where, expertise and authority is sneered, plus the postmodern idea that nobody is better, nothing is beautiful.

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