politics. (i haven't verified.) The chinese civil war, like the American one, is big topic, frequently discussed, or movies made. The fandom is even bigger than usa civil war, because it's more recent, and the conflict is still ongoing.



my dad, had 1 sister. She died at 1 years old in Shanghai, under Japanese bombing. my grand parents, along with Kuomintang force, moved to Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan.

there are lots movies made of Chiese Civil War. The ones made in Taiwan, depict the Communists in bad light, like, with nose rings n inhuman. And vice versa of China ones. China still makes them, but not Taiwan, because since 1990s Taiwan had new conflict, KMT vs Progressives.


for example of movies, tv drama, or videos of Chinese Civil War, youtube search 国共战争. In the screenshot, the one with red letter at bottom, is a TV drama series from China.

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