Jostling, a medieval sport. this is a scene from . from a math perspective, jostling is fascinating. u have a lance n a shield. do u focus on attack or defense? if we ignore the shield, what's the optimal strategy?

@jeremiah duck? ha, that seems lame. :) on a horse, if one duck, one's head gets speared...

@xahlee unless you have some siberian horse nomad-type moves, I can't imagine what you'd do other than duck or lean back.

As i understand it, the lance's force began with the horse, through the stirrups, through the rider, to the lance. If you didn't have a shield, you could not have (normal jousting) strategy -- it'd be purely get out of the way. Or be a siberian horse ninja.

@jeremiah that's interesting.

i was thinking about parrying. either focus on aiming at the other and not get parried, or focus on parring other's lance then aim one's own. not sure which should be primary.

never thought of evasive movements. on a horse in a lane, that seems hard.

@jeremiah oh i see. yeah i never thought of that.

i guess perhaps that's not in vogue in midieval europe. lol... but maybe it's not allowed by rule, or at disadvantage when whole context of the jostling "game" is taken into account.

@xahlee This began with the idea that one did not have a shield. At which point, running away or horseninjary is required.

I don't know if you've ever ridden a large horse, but, until quite recently, they and oxes did most of the work not done by wind, water, or men. I wouldn't want to fuck with one head on at full throttle.

I don't know if they'd use proper battle horses (presumably not!), but the horses ridden by the late French knights were monsters.

@jeremiah the idea of acrobat around horse is interesting, but that wouldn't be jostling anymore.

i read a bit on wikip. jostling is evolved from heavy calvery battle. hopping around, can't wear armor, can't hold lance. sans lance, u cnt dehorse other. or, it'd be entirely different game.

@jeremiah @xahlee So... the sore loser fully decapitates his horse, with a knight sword, from the ground.

Yeahno. Is the whole series this ludicrous?

Thunderf00t did a video about how some GoT scene with pouring molten gold on someone's head would be not only impossibly expensive, but also largely ineffective at killing a person.

@progo @jeremiah it's quite interesting show, Brendan.
maybe you have some reason to hate it... but otherwise, if you watch some tv drama or movies, give it a shot.

@progo @jeremiah here's my random write up on Game Of Thrones
you can see why i find it interesting.

that guy chopped the horse, cuz that's his character. he's one of the worst bad tempered guy, and also one of the best killer.

@xahlee @jeremiah I don't believe a human COULD do that with a knight's sword from that angle. It's too over the top for me.

@progo @jeremiah lol. :D well if you take that perspective, of all the fictions out there, perhaps only a handful would qualify... after all, it's a TV show called entertainment.

do you like Lord of the Ring? many nerds love it, but turns out i just didn't find it attractive in any way. But do Game of Thrones. There r also Giants, magic, dragons, in it...

@xahlee @jeremiah No I don't like Lord of the Rings. It's not my thing.

@progo @jeremiah
ah, no lord of the rings. Then, but you enjoy any Knights stories at all?

btw, here's fighting scene of that guy chopping the horse

at first, i just saw clips of the show here and there on youtube. (always despise them as stupid tv drama)
but by now, i know every character, their story, why, in the scene. :)

@xahlee @progo LOTR -- I liked the books when I was wee and my dad used to read them to me; as an adult -- spandex swapped for leather breeches and swords. BORING. Except his love for Star Wars, I concur with Randall:

@jeremiah @progo
well, to make sense of you guy's dissing of Game Of Thrones, i need examples of what shows you watch and like. That way, we have context.
So, how much tv/movie/video show do you watch per week on average? and what are they?

@jeremiah @progo
for example, if you never liked any dungeon dragon knights show, then not liking GoT doesn't mean much.

or if you never liked TV drama, same.

but for example if you like Lord of the Ring, but not GoT, then, that makes it interesting.

or, you like star war/trek etc, and maybe because u scifi but not fantasy. etc.

i suspect, u guys dissing GoT more or less as dissing pop.

@jeremiah @progo
there's another show, Dunes, i find to be fantastic, especially a TV series around 2000.

Dune and GoT are both called Epic Fantasy genre. Epic, meaning, covers centuries, like history, war, maps, cultures, people, struggles, elaborate detail and hundreds of characters.

@jeremiah @progo
Dune is Epic scifi. GoT is epic fantasy. Fantasy here means basically dragons and stuff. (GoT got also giants (about 3 meter tall humanoid), magic, other races, and zombies...)

@xahlee @progo Dune (the original film) was a beautiful art piece and an entertaining film (the abortion from Syfy was embarassing) -- but the original books -- those are magnificent. Genre-defining.

I'm told GoT is also a good book series, but I speak boldly when I say that Dune the books are superior to the attempts to film the story.

My favorite SF/epic (Babylon 5) -- but, again -- because it was composed of great stories (it certainly wasn't the music, special effects, costumes, or sets!)

@xahlee @progo I've given up on hollywood/hbo, gave up a long time ago. with 3 exceptions, I quit going to the cinema in 1999, got rid of my TV years before that.

LOTR was, as a book, great. Spandex, fantasy (esp) and action films, to me look little different to cartoons, and I mostly didn't like those either.

Every so often, something comes along that i like -- first seasons of X-files, Continuum, Black Mirror -- but mostly, I feel cheated of my time if I invest it into popular entertainment.

@xahlee @progo There are films I _really_ like, even new ones, but they're not the topics of nerd discussions. The things they have in common is that -- they'd be good books, good radio theater good stage plays -- they're good stories, which is the _only_ good foundation for a good film. To cite an example: Robot and Frank.

@xahlee @jeremiah
In the last week:
~4 hours of Northern Exposure
~1 hour of Sailing SV Delos on YouTube (bonus tech episode was released this week in addition to a sailing/mission episode)
~45 minutes of Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur on YouTube
~3 hours of Tim Pool and/or Scott Adams talking about news on YouTube
~2 hours of miscellaneous educational material on YouTube: astrophysics, history, music theory, arctic ecology

I like YouTube. :^)

@progo @xahlee I especially commend your choice of Northern Exposure. :-)

@xahlee @progo It's a magnificent magical realism / comedy sitcom. The only other of it's caliber is Wonderfalls.

@progo @xahlee Pouring metals down the throat is an ancient punishment, allegedly inflicted on Moses (OT prophet) among others.

Saw a single episode of GoT, bored the piss out of me.

Of course it's ridiculous. Knights and horses are ridiculous. Rennfaires are ridiculous. Also, fun. :-)

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