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∑ Xah Lee 李杀 @xahlee

has anyone tried to use for scripting? like bash scripts or python ruby for misc text processing or moving files? how's it?

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@xahlee i've played with it for proof-of-concept applications but not for any scripting, yet.

the file handling seems fairly straight forward. it has a fairly large string library and utf-8 handling.

@xahlee yup, I do. Usually takes longer to develop than a bash script (for shorter things) but it becomes totally portable -- worthwhile trade-off if you develop across OS's or on a team

I usually prefer bash scripting, but when it gets serious I like scala-ammonite lihaoyi.com/post/ScalaScriptin

It feels natural to executing other processes and combining them ( |, >, <, &&)

@xahlee I love it. Although it is not a scripting language, it’s extensive standard library let’s you easily do things like you mentioned.