am beginning to see, twitter is tremendously harmful. it washes your brain. basically the most shallow, sound bite, cat pic, drama, type of things spread into your stream, of any subject matter. To the extend it taints ya brain, even if u knew n try to guard it daily.

mastodon is no better, because of the char limit.

@xahlee if you didn't have character limits, you'd have War and Peace. Twitter (and Mastodon) have this convenient work-around: outbound URLs. :-)

@jeremiah but nobody clicks on url. or rather, people on platform X want to read there, there's strong resistance to click n go somewhere. i used to post url only. but since i started to be more chatting on the platform, the interaction increases dramatically.

... long story short, that's what twitter intended to happen.

@xahlee So what you're saying is people with short attention spans stay flocked together with people with short attention spans, ignoring invitations to the long-form world whose absence within the same platforms you're lamenting? :-)

Maybe you'd like something like Google Wave as a social platform...

@jeremiah i think there are quite a lot nerds or otherwise who are not on twitter or mstdn etc. (was it majority, even?)

@xahlee Twitter, to me, looked like (and still looks like) a platform people who like to share really stupid details.

"Bikes are cool."

"I hate rabbits"

"Mmmmm. <Picture of lunch>"

"@bob is a nazi"

It seemed to preselect for retards. I don't know what you mean by nerds -- but people who have interesting conversations tend to like interactive / long-form platforms -- irc, minds, et al.

@jeremiah yes, i agree what you are saying.
i wasn't quite sure what you were saying in previous post.

@xahlee I was poking fun at you for suggesting that platform designed for retards who share pictures of lunch fails for lack of long-form posts.

That's what blogs, wikis, interactive chat tools are for -- precisely the platforms repellent to the short-attention-span Twitter audience.

@xahlee @valeg "He studied them to find the common themes in the most successful."

Managing. Imagine that. :^)

@progo Brendan, did spooky quit mstdn? please tell her i miss her.

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