Google boss Larry Page and Sergey Brin, 2016 post election at Google.
They are classic liberals, for sure. But I always wondered how they feel about the sj stuff. I thought, they couldn't possibly agree with it. Maybe i was wrong. Maybe the applause is a show.

they each has 52Giga $ worth. I thought about what's it's like. Start with, u make $10 a day. Then, $100 a day, $1k/day = 365k/year. at that point, u can live in expensive hotel daily, anywhere in the world. u can kill a man if u want.

what about girls? with $1k/day, millions of girls flock to your arms. sex slaves? please take me!
365k/year, after 3 years, you a millionaire. But they are billionaires. That's 1k times more.

@xahlee Given how hard their company has tilted in that direction, I have to conclude that they are at least a little bit supportive of it. Even if afraid to be seen as open dissenters, they could and would keep the company closer to neutral if they wanted to.

@mattskala thx for the interesting thought. I've also been thinking, maybe when one's at that level, they have less choice due to many other forces at top?
or, maybe at that level, they are thinking, they must do X, because there are bigger things for humanity, like how dictator thinks.

@xahlee There certainly are constraints on how big-company execs can use their power if they want to continue having any power. Elon Musk is learning that the hard way these days. But I don't think anything forces Google, or its top execs, to go full SocJus to the extent it has. Maybe thinking there are "bigger things for humanity" is a factor but that's not a lot different from saying they do in fact agree with the ideology.

@mattskala Rich men, they spent their money or girls, cars, houses, islands, infinite quest for more power. There are lots of rich women in tech. what do they do with money? Am total blank here.

@xahlee I don't know enough about enough individual cases to make a general statement but the few I can think of seem to me to spend money on a lot of the same things (maybe not on "girls"), perhaps with a little more emphasis on building "family" wealth signifiers - such as houses and land, and sending children to expensive private schools. That seems to have been the pattern of rich women in earlier centuries and there's not much reason to think they would have changed; rich men haven't.

@xahlee Look at the now-disgraced former president of South Korea and her associates.

For comparison:
Jeff Bezos 162.7 billion
Sergey Brin 55.7
Larry Page 55.2
Elon Musk 20.2
George Soros 8.0
Trump 3.1
Peter Thiel 2.5

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