i wanted to like Sam Harris, but never did.
i think he tries to push his little rational mind too much. He wanted to be the god of everything but is a bit short. I find Peterson, Paglia, much more intellectually rich.

the thing with Sam Harris is like, he's 1 trick pony. The reasons against
god has been laid out flat by 1990s, particularly Bertrand Russell. Sam
is more like a activist. While, you read or watch Jordan Peterson, Camille
Paglia, you get more rich ideas.


i've actually just watched the first 90 min of this video.
Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson debate on religion.
if you've never studied philosophy of religion, this might be good wedge in

in this vid, Jordan is bogged down by his painstaking obsession with
precision of his utterances. on the surface seems extremely precise but really are just verbiage.
Normally, he's not this wasted. but maybe because the subject matter and context of debate with another academic.

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