a highly praised book, back in ~2007
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
by Jared Diamond


this is what i was doing 11 years ago
Periodic Dosage Archive 2007-06

@xahlee Speak outloud the name of KRISHNA and google "Science of Self Realization online" and click the first link, the vedabase dot com one. You can read the book for free online and it will give you transcendental knowledge of God and how to attain liberation so you can be free.

The title "Periodic Dosage" made me think "Periodic micro-Dosage of mushrooms or LSD," and the blog of your thoughts while doing that.

@Economic_Hitman never had LSD, though, i thought i'd like to try.
Then, Camille Paglia says that ruined her generation of thinkers.... lol.

Yeah, regular-sized doses aren't meant for everyone, but micro-dosing daily with tiny amounts for a month or so can have very positive effects.

Since the amount is so small, you don't actually 'trip,' it just slightly enhances your day, and you probably won't notice it until after a week.

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