was recording a video but part of my screen showed my blog containing the word “pornhub”. god, got frustrated, cuz it means i have to spend hours to learn video editing, or ditch the recording.
then, i went to YouTube and see to what degree that means ban. ok, seems ok.

successful videos, usually mean lots editing. that's something i no wanna do. scripted, fake, all prettified in our modern commercialized world. why they edit? of course, to make it nice 4 u, the watcher. Actually the most basic reason is $. Without, see if they do a shit 4 u.

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pornhub celebrating chinese new year. i've been watching n observing p since late 1980s when teen. there r so much today. u find young pretty girls in droves doing it. i realised, if society is without law restrictions, p and prost is a natural state, sans any force.

@xahlee I would say you're confusing pornography and prostitution. Pornography is specifically art (media, literature, etc.) Prostitution involves direct interaction.

There's some ant-fucking to be done on things like responsive cam-girls, phone-"sex", et al.

@jeremiah @xahlee just de-prohibit everything and make sure everyone is safe.

@progo @xahlee There's some hidden exchanges, but the substance of the discussion is human sexual behavior in a "state of nature," defining that, and defining terms, including "state of nature."

I argue that current norms are the consequence of ennui in an advanced society, Xah argues (if I may boldly summarize) that this is state of nature without regulation.

We may well both be correct. :-)

@jeremiah @progo
jeremiah, i totally agree with you, but again, depends.
say, we r 5k years ago, think of us as monkeys. a young chick saw me with a banana, then she dances a tit bouncing dance, knowing that i'd share my banana. Do you call that porn? if not, what?

so, i say, porn is rampant, yet i also agree, that porn is kinda surplus phenom in modern society. The question is, how we define porn, and rampant?

better word is common. e.g. each person will see it weekly.
(damn char limit)

@jeremiah @progo
the definition of porn, have always been fuzzy, changes by region and time, and basically undefinable to this day.

it mixes with flirting, "art" (after we define "civilization"), and prostitution.

my point of view, is that i want to say it's common, natural, or majority people sees it daily, if there's no law.

@jeremiah @progo
as to modern porn as we see on the web, that perspective of definition, and the reason it's massively everywhere, has a lot to do with modern society and money.

btw, porn is illegal in china. still, there seems tons of chinese cam girls, and home made recording of fucking.

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