the problem with Windows 10 dark theme is that, it's hard to tell windows apart.
latest Mac copied windows.
white on black made a come back was popular among geeks in 2000s.
arstechnica site for example, used to be white on black.


White on black is much easier on the eyes on screen. The problem is, it looks terrible if printed.
there is no simple way to convert White on black design to reverse. Inverting colors doesn't work.
For more about Web Design since 1999, see

@xahlee Trouble is, dark themes tend to use *gray* on black, which gets to be illegible, leading to … eyestrain.

@wrenpile is that on mac majove or windows? or linux, emacs?

@xahlee I see it in a lot of places. The one that’s most salient to me these days is the ios Mastodon app called Amaroq.

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