so in india, you actually have over a thousand diff langs. they can be grouped roughly into 2 families. Indo-Aryan langs and Dravidian langs. @EdwardTorvalds told me India wasn't 1 country before Brit took over. that made a lot sense.

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so in 1950, india gov decided hindi is “official” and english too but can be phased out in 15 years. that never happened, and it turns out, many parts of india (especially southern) resist against that, because, hindi is entirely diff lang than their native lang.

@xahlee over 300 officially recognized languages spoken on the subcontinent.

@xahlee Tamil (largest of the Dravidian languages) has a script that descends from when they wrote on leaves... the script is designed to be gentle on the medium to reduce chances to tear the paper/leaf.

Also, the direction the language is written depends on formality/age. :-)

@jeremiah interesting.

btw, been reading that omniglot site before there's wikipedia. i wonder how that guy's doing. he was poor/jobless or something like that.

@xahlee you can tell by the design that was made back when people had modest aspirations, like sharing something they thought was important. I'm glad it's around and has stood the test of time.

@xahlee there's 26 official languages of India, I think. Or maybe it was 36.

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