starting to watch, and learn about . universal basic income? lol. if its free, its shit. but lets see what he has to say.

my gut reaction is, a chinese blood for usa president? no, it wont happen in 2020, the air inst there yet. and universal basic income? i havnt heared his reasons, but fundamentally, by human nature, it wont be good.

basically, the guy is of tech background. i think most tech head's opinion on the world is worthless, n he seems no diff, at all.

the issue with ai/automation worry is that, you think its gonna be a prob cuz u r a tech head. some probs exist only cuz u think it. n the ubi is a starryeyed nerd dream.

the very thought of providing for all, such as welfare n ubi, create problems. it makes people's life worse.


all things considered, to make a better nation, the 2 most important thing r, free market n no corruption. for usa today, remove all regulations, and immediate death to corrupt people, will do us better than anything. n the impetus must be from people, us.

@xahlee free market and no corruption? that's a paradox.

@_emacsomancer haha, you are right. lol, i didnt see the surface contradiction. of course am thinking a small gov... but yeah nobody can say what works best.
on that note, i think we should go by evidence based,practical, polocies...

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