@xahlee It's horrible the arrow keys are in the way. I'm just thinking about all the mistakes I would make while trying to type on that thing and I'm getting very triggered. It's worse than a laptop keyboard.

yeah, i agree the arrows there is pretty bad. though JP has lots layout innovations, much earlier than US/UK.

@xahlee Yeah, I do like a split keyboard, but for the love of god get those arrow keys out of the way lol

the original design of that, called m-type, is this
arrows separate.
they created rectangular layout later so i suppose for people's habit

@xahlee Wow that's not even a QWERTY keyboard. It's actually pretty interesting looking at these old designs. You seem like quite the wealth of keyboard knowledge got any hot recommendations for an upgrade in the under $200 range? I'm still using this shitty Gateway from the early 2000's

@BoingoTango if not into ergo/split ones, then it's not hard to pick.
under $100 should do. Be sure to get mechanical keys.

for dirt cheap to begin, this works

Optical is also pretty good

or you can pick brand name ones or other fancy ones
exactly which really depends on your preference.

@xahlee Wow, thanks. Gonna check out more on your site here, as I am kinda into ergo/split. Appreciated.
@xahlee Not to keep bothering you, but I remember having one of these microsoft naturals listed here

I really, really, liked it, but randomly one day one side of it just decided to stop working. Do you know if that's a common problem, or if I just got unlucky?

I also really like this one
But I'm scared of trying something so different than what I'm used to...

@BoingoTango the MS4000, i think you are unlucky. The frequent complaint i heard is stiff space bar. which got me into trouble.

maltron is like $500. i use Kinesis, which is ~ $320.

@xahlee HNNNNNNNNGGGGGG, damn it's so cool though. Maybe I'll just stick with that MS4000 for $40 lol
Microsoft must have patented the design or something because I've never seen one exactly like it. I'd like one with mechanical keys, but hey I've gone this long without them I think I'll be okay. Appreciate the advice my guy.

@BoingoTango yeah, i had 3 years love of that keyboard.
also, lots people want MS400 with mech keys. you can see it often in keyboard forums. guess it won't happen. i haven't seen they have patent, didn't looked neither, i guess so.

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