i noticed, a lot people hiding as Japanese by using Japanese names as account name. but they don't speak Japanese. also, many chinese from china doing that too i think. This happens on twitter and mastodon too.

@xahlee sure I like participating, I cannot see any URL on your YouTube where it is possible to participate.

it's not there.
i should find a way so a url is ready. let me give it a try.

can you help me test?
goto this url
at the time i start. (8 am sf time)
and let me know when it works. If so, that'd be the url whenever i do a new stream, i think.

@xahlee what you need to do is to build a database of your followers, sometimes is better to have 100 followers which are real than 2000 which are not real. Followers may have their federation usernames, XMPP usernames, email usernames, so you put it all in the database and program your GNU Emacs to inform them in time with clear link where to come for chat/video session
@xahlee even I think your video sessions can be self-hosted and not youtubed, you could install your own Jitsi Meet and record your sessions and leave them on your website, thus promoting your website and not helping the youtube
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