apparently, linux foundation ban'd someone just because he wore a Make America Great Again hat.

if a project has "code of conduct", never contribute. Actually, never put your time into someone else's project, unless you get benefits. The corps has brainwashedmassescoders to make youcoughbloodandthink its normal

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here's a timeline of the Linux Foundation banning someone by power struggle, by the codeofconduct created by them.

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@51rH0n3y84d93r that's not the right attitude. because of such attitude, society will forever be in a bad condition. bsd seems ok now precisely because nobody uses it.

@xahlee shit's going to get nasty again for the 2020 election. Don't wear gang colors in public. Don't become famous. Watch your back.

Looks like LF is as toxic as Drupal. The Drupal "community" ejected a dedicated and productive member without allowing him to face his accusers or discuss the conflict, because they didn't like how he conducted his relationship with his girlfriend. Similar to how you said it, I say do NOT participate in Drupal.

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