emacs lisp. now this works in Mac and Windows. can someone help modify it so it works in linux?

@xahlee the program "xdg-open" should work for opening URLs (I don't know elisp, but hopefully this points you in the right direction)
Also there is a "link-hint" emacs package that can open URLs in the buffer, so maybe that can be useful to look at as well.

@brad it's a elisp exercise.
actually, need to launch the specific browser. that's the goal of the command. The problem, is to find the general path of google chrome or its command name, or a general way to launch chrome, among linuxes.

@xahlee Ahh, I see. Most distros will probably have Chrome at /usr/bin/chrome or something similar.

@brad yeah, the problem is remove the 'something similar'. i don't have a linux box now. the command is part of a package. :)

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