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emacs lisp hackers who has written top notch compilers. they did in other lang, with elisp front wrapper for emacs interface. but if elisp is not 1990s, it'd be in elisp. I don't think we need Language Server Protocol.

Emacs Lisp Sucks Donkey Ass. Please Grow Emacs, Not External Tools ergoemacs.org/misc/elisp_sucks

comp lang pointer voodoo.
does haskell have pointer or reference concept?

now with both JavaScript and Python code. compare!
Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs IJKL.

now i fully understand traverse directory. tutorial coming up

Romans, make way. The good Andronicus, Patron of virtue, Rome's best champion, Successful in the battles that he fights, With honour and with fortune is return'd From where he circumscribed with his sword And brought to yoke the enemies of Rome.

“Titus Andronicus” Act 1 Scene 1

呵呵。胡扯八蛋。这种,就好想是说红卫兵为人民争取自由。说给想听的人,没听过啥是红卫兵的。?真是呵呵了。metoo 是现代无知白富左生活的太舒服出的问题。他们是反言论自由,主张社会主义的。闹的很厉害。你在推特上看看就知道。

这位 ma 人士, 我 ~5年前在 Google plus 上见识过了。美国蓝球队去大陆打球,发生争执,这人就喷中国人是怎样怎样,喷的很厉害。那球事,也并没有是明显的谁对谁错。他就是每天专门煽动。胡扯八蛋。跟的人很多。因为想听。骂共产党,听的乐。

大陆有时很奇怪,有一种书呆狂。常常美国从来没听过的书,大陆突然崇拜,说是美国有名的书。 我在米国住了30年,对情色的东西喜欢关查。这本书从来没听过。去网上查了一下,维基百科就2行字。 “内容非常色情。”?呵呵。这个笑死了。这本书是讲美国60到70年代的性开放。1981年出版的。有点古董。

reworking on my HTML/CSS links to english etymology. that's emacs screen. the script is python. will be golang by next week.

this is what the gender faks feed on. the consequences are, trump got elected, more gender anger, Nz hunting, trans ascendance, bathroom drama, wimp men, nutty women, fake news, big corps sweeping money on heit.

this is what reddit's new ui is doing. trying to stop ad blocker.

this is the cog wheel of the gender thing. this is why our society get fkd.

daily, there are lots heitful people on twitter like this. a lot of them are women. and they are typically white, elite.

note that uses CamelCase, departure from C. No more pesky _
Computer Languages Characters Frequency
can someone go plot your go code. post screenshot. thanks.