the european cathedral are pretty weird. it looks like a alien spaceship. those legs things are callled flying buttresses. and then, you have these 2 blocks facades.

converted all call of 「Object.getPrototypeOf」 to 「Reflect.getPrototypeOf」

apparently, there is a comedian Jim Jefferies, seems to be one of the jsgang, of Comedy Central.
The incident is Avi Yemini hidden camera incident.

been working on my JavaScript again in past 2 days. lots of updates and rewrite. Mostly, organization with side nav panel. JavaScript in Depth paypal buy it to commit.

• emacs demo. honk honk pepe
• 7:12 Artificial Intelligence chess Moxon's Master
• 20:43 architecture, geometry
• 23:52 Ayn Rand, capitalism, communism, religion.
• 38:19 religion, atheism, agnosticism, nihilism
• Church of Satan

for more about psychological disorders, and fake personality tests such as Myers-Briggs INTP etc, see
Are You Schizoid or Autistic?

got blocked right away. lol. it's quick. these sympathetic faks, have they thought that maybe they just encountered a master of autism? lol

women's ads pouring in onto my twitter. I guess twitter trans'd me. lol. to help me focus on my women studies.

spent 1 hour on the svg path ellipse. still haven't figured out how to use it to draw a quarter circle arc. extremely idiotic tech.
SVG Path: Elliptical Arc

xah talk show in about 3 hours. San Francisco time 9am. come join me. goto YouTube, xahlee, subscribe+alert. gonna do live coding of JavaScript + svg drawing truncet tiles.

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