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today. Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the Plane
your need about 5 hours to study this. After that, you'll have good understanding.
This i wrote in 1997, but is the most cited by professors and academic papers.

this keyboard needs love it deserves.
XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard

Browser console today, is more sophisticated than full-fledged Java IDE. And probably 10 times more complicated to implement too.

here's 2 different web design of navigation panel. The 1 with scroll bar is better. because, if not, when doc is long, the left side is blank, and needs to scroll all the way to the top to use it.

A twist of love, Gives us hate, A poison of midnight, Dementia in space.

Midnight Poison ♪ Space Dementia

that's Eva Green

MX Master mouse has newer version, called 2s.
also, added a video that shows how the auto ratchet/spin wheel works.

a great innovation with thumb bar is this NeXT Keyboard.
Not sure if it's Steve Job's idea. Doesn't seem to be picked up.

A very weird keyboard. But the thumb keys are actually nice.

341 screenshots of Second Life, 2007 to 2013. good old days.

toroidal map in real life. who'd thought?

search. Now you can type 2 words e.g. “heart face”, and it'll search them like AND.