The sacred, and the profane.
today's is profane.
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Meal on a Pill

a typical “modern” template driven html. prefetch, prefetch, prefetch all the ads in the world

“Truth, Virtue, Beauty. Do you know their costs?”
周璇 《真善美》

真善美,真善美, 它们的代价是脑髓, 是心血是眼泪, 哪件不带酸辛味?
today's is China's biggest superstar of 1950s. She's an orphan, in the sino-jap war era,
died in a mental asylum at age 39.
周璇 《真善美》 (Truth, Virtue, Beauty)

Fitbit Charge 3. looking nice. Actually it's pretty nice.
highend models sells for $140.
Also, note there's lots ones from China, and they are 1/3 the $. see

here's the back of fitbit. Those lights shine into your skin and it looks at the blood vessel pattern. That's how it knows your heartbeat.

it's curious, twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a very white white man. Yet, he sports a profile photo with dark skin

now the full article is here
苏武牧羊 (Su Wu Mu Yang)


it turns out, we don't know who exactly is Xiongnu (匈奴)
, just that they were normadic tribe living around today's Russia and Mongolia.
theories say they are Huns, Iranian, Mongolic, Turkic, Yeniseian...
seems the only historical record about them is China's.

that's a old chinese patriotic song, singing about a china hero, year BC 100
You can read the story at
or in chinese 蘇武牧羊

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