gonna be offline for the next 2 days. so no xah talk show. see you guys later.

the european cathedral are pretty weird. it looks like a alien spaceship. those legs things are callled flying buttresses. and then, you have these 2 blocks facades.

• 7:20 vimgolf with emacs + xah-fly-keys
• 1:00:44 Dvorak layout
• 1:04:00 kinesis keyboard
• 1:14:39 my road to emacs

sjgang frying gender stuff, saying women not in science due to ism etc, in programing, then math, physics. truly 1 momfak. this culture war will pass. either white nations become authoritarian or conquered by china, islam. else, i want see these people guillotined. write it down.

gonna do some vimgolf with emacs xah-fly-keys

ok. xah talk show in 1.6 hours. Come join me. San Francisco time, noon! goto youtube, search xahlee, subscribe + 🔔

converted all call of 「Object.getPrototypeOf」 to 「Reflect.getPrototypeOf」

maybe that's god's way of telling me, if you don't do now, it's never gonna be done. forget your old todos.

brave browser just crashed for me for the first time. and i lost 10 old existing tabs. They are my todos, but know i don't know what they are.

the sjgang is hitting up Camille Paglia. Mobilize, fight these skmbgs.
[〈UArts Students Call for Camille Paglia's Firing over Transgenderism Stance, Movement〉 2019-04-16 By Tom Ciccotta. At [ breitbart.com/tech/2019/04/16/ ] ]

the great xah talk show, in 1 hour. San Francisco Time, 2:30pm. join me. goto youtube, search xahlee, subscribe + 🔔

so it looks like they are just wrapper diff, and both are aac?
and it seems, the google created the wrapper format f140.m4a ?

but what does it mean?
i need to lookup command to get info about bit size or other stuff. I was hoping that f140 means some thing like that, and someone knew by heart.

for audio files, what's the difference between

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