the etymology of profane is: in front of temple. i.e. you not allowed in.

The sacred, and the profane.
today's is profane.
Now, the article on its own page
Meal on a Pill

this is for the few women followers, perhaps programers.
The Feminist Life Script Has Made Many Women Miserable. Don’t Let It Sucker You
By Joy Pullmann DECEMBER 11, 2018

now amazon has articles written by experts on things you can buy. e.g. they test out all the products, and tell you which are the best. here's their article on best projectors

~2001, i thought of using a projector instead of monitor. Turns out, doesn't work that way back then. cuz, projector is a very hot lamp. They can be used for few hours only, and eats lots electricity. not sure if still true today. But today, huge monitor is cheap.

yesterday, went with roommates to shopping center. Saw that projectors are so cheap now. Starting at $60, e.g.

the Boxer Rebels (義和團) is to Chinese as Pearl Harbor to American. Movies are made to make sure you know it that way. Boxers, are those who got tired of Brit, France, Germany, American et al eating China, and they believed kungfu can kick barbarians out.

@xahlee that's an FRH ("Flameless Ration Heater"); I think the chemical inside is powdered metals that oxidize and heat up when exposed to liquid water. The idea is it's a reasonably safe heat source that can be used to heat the food, but also stores well.

Japan, like China, have car girls. That don't exist in USA anymore.
what if you are pretty and need to make a buck in USA? you became camgirl.

@mattskala matt, in that guy's video, they have this package that heats up water. What is that?

This guy, reviews the British MRE (military ready to eat)
it's quite accidentally funny due to the way he go about it. And, these MRE seems actually pretty nice. Though, you prob don't want to be stuck with them everyday.

via @mattskala

@mattskala i see. interesting and nice. gonna checkout his video.

I did calorie restriction diet, because, in combination of: need (poverty), and a habitual science based (non religious/spiritual) ascetic life style, and partly wishful thinking on the anti-aging result. All 3 reasons, seems to work out fine for me.

since ~2010, am somewhat on calorie restriction diet, on and off. Meaning, you stay 30% hungry AT ALL TIMES. (but maintain essential nutrients) The science aspect is, it reduces aging process, but the mechanism and effect on human is not fully known yet.

note that, some 20 years of trying meal by pill whenever i can, but in later life i learned, we don't have the full science down yet. e.g. if your mouth never chew, you dev problems.
and if you live on soylent for a year, i think you'll dev psychological problems.

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