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Steve Yegge @Steve_Yegge , always have great insight. there is lots goodies here, but one thing is, mobile dev is hell, worse than web dev, and React Native is way to go.

@zeta not used in the political party sense, i guess.

@SpookyR @jeremiah
yeah. meh is right!
these ported open source things typically always suck.

but i think that linux in Windows thing Microsoft did, is actually good.

@gergely yes. but the problem isn't as i described originally, due to online post.

the problem is, i run a grep. then after few min, have to run another. Nor is it a regular thing i need to do. if it is, i'd write a script or lots other solutions.

but anyway, it's not really important. as there are lots workaround. but i thought eshell should've done it.

emacs lisp hackers who has written top notch compilers. they did in other lang, with elisp front wrapper for emacs interface. but if elisp is not 1990s, it'd be in elisp. I don't think we need Language Server Protocol.

Emacs Lisp Sucks Donkey Ass. Please Grow Emacs, Not External Tools ergoemacs.org/misc/elisp_sucks

1st sweetness. reading 2 thousand files and print first line, in 0.5 second.
1st bitterness. seems i have to write my own copy function? or call unix cp? i was thinking with go, i no longer have to call shell.

@gergely i see.
but i don't want to bash gimmick or even a &.
that's the point. eshell should run another grep, just as in terminal can. I suppose even M-x shell can.
it's an eshell flaw.

@yumaikas @rain1

another guy showed me the techempower site. but, how can they possibly do that many frameworks?

if it's really solid, it'd mean a whole team, tens of people, familiar with all those frameworks, months of work.

in my paranoid mind, i think it's just another scam site.

@yumaikas @rain1
so, what we get today is just clickbaits run by orgs with $ motivation.


i think the problem is the general social networks induced clickbaits and now censorship so that today we no can no longer find solid info.

recall, google killed blog, its newsreader. at the time, it's already because ,blog reader ship is very low.


Cannot have two processes in ‘*grep*’ at once.
ok, a problem of eshell

comp lang pointer voodoo.
does haskell have pointer or reference concept?

now and then there are competent coders who did benchmark of 2 or more languages in depth, on blogs. but now, google hackernews facebook etc censorship and clickbait induction, you cannot find them.

the computer benchmark game site, uses problems that nobody ever codes.
the site has no graphics, extremely idiotic. (it used to have incomprehensible ones 10 yrs ago)
the writing, is juvenile. written by some idiot.
and has the most idiotic mindset drivel.