@draqlo as a armchair philosopher on these... i am not sure which is better: real steno vs 24 keys piano keyboard with certain system, say the piano key system.
but if we can use 3 or 4 octave piano, i think that's certainly better. Since the combination and positions increases some thousand fold.

@draqlo yes, i study and analyze them but only casually. Never actually had experience with steno or piano or Michela.
I suppose steno code are diff for diff language, and you are using English?
what's your experience with them, which you think is better?
also, why do you think pckeyboard+plover is good? I thought that's worse than just a ergonomic keyboard.
Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks.

@draqlo were you using real steno machine or pckeyboard+plover?
big difference.
for piano, one can get those 2 octaves (24 keys) one, that'd be no bigger than standard pc beyboard.

so, in san francisco bay area aka the silicon valley, the train struck 2 today, probably both dead. looks like it's 3 in a month

Xah Talk 2019-07-19 lisp syntax, s-expr, m-expr, Mathematica, and meaning of sugar syntax

of ALL keyboard devices, counting ergodox, planc + plover, steno, this is the most efficient.
Using Piano to Type Text xahlee.info/kbd/piano_to_type_

Facebook’s former security chief Alex Stamos suggested Tuesday that it is very possible that China and Russia have subverted Google’s employees.

lol 😂 on making at home.
how can i tell diff grade? they look n taste the same . only the i noticed is that macroroni (that shape) need half of the cook time. what's with that? the ingredient list has no indication of it.

... i was thinking about university context. but high school, maybe it's that.

what's the diff of cheap pasta you get at Walmart vs expensive ones such as at trader joe? it seems to me the ingredient are all just semolina?

@cigarBGuitarEfx the institutionalized edu system and its corruption, i see. but about text books, i think more direct cause of high price is that chooser are not buyer.

very sad that the young people today (say age 15 to 30) seems degenerate, ignorant, and without basic moral sense. Often unhappy, yet do random shit online such as mobbing, thrive by drama, and attitude “lalala what you gonna do about that?”

interesting question.
if you are a student, you could not buy the books, yes. find used, borrow, or tell professor about the issue.
as someone thinking about what's going on in society, the action may be more varied, if you want to take action at all. But first is to understand why it happens.

just realized i posted a lot stuff in my own thread yesterday but it got cc'd to different persons. Apparently, hides the cc. In fact, no option to remove the cc. fuck twitter.

Lisp, What's the Significance of Being “Symbolic”?
Computer Algebra
JavaScript+DOM String-Hell a Symptom of Language Not Symbolic?
Relation of Rule Based lang and Static Typing.
Or, Can Haskell be Symbolic and Remain Haskell?

this soph girl 🤯. my brain is to slow to follow
you can follow her at @sewernugget . and look at her handle. genius!

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