@coveb @d_io there r certainly situations anonymity apply, such as the work wikileaks r doing.

but mostly (i'd say 99.99% posts), the nameless account behavior on the internet is just cowardice and encouragement of random fart.

@d_io same principle apply. stand for what you say and take responsibly. that's how change comes about.

young people, use your real name on social media. and, stand for what you say. don't sheeetpost. that's how you respect yourself and earn respect.

there r lots people who post reddit then delete account. extremely annoying, and coward. not talking about sensitive topic even. e.g. on .

golang blows perl6 away because:

* near C speed.
* a major industrial lang. e.g. it's say top 6 with heavy market demand. e.g. one can easily earn a living with it. (as opposed to, lisp haskell ocaml etc)

perl6 is late cuz it began ~2001 and there are so many langs now. I don't get how you don't see how i've already said this.

but, i suppose you into perl6 must have a specific reason. cuz it's a lang nobody today cares or even know.
were you a perl programer before?


this is what happened

from what i've seen, thru-out 2017 to now, all the violence, are started by the left group antifa. the antifa group has explicit public message, about how to dress in black with mask, how to hit and run and hide, how to derail train, etc. The Proud Boys, is a rater late reaction.

@coveb ?
what's the context?
i haven't got time to watch that vid. what's it about?

new book. The Little Typer amzn.to/2PElvVE out last month. By Daniel Friedman et al.
Friedman's one of the top lang researcher. He's 74 now. So am not sure he's actually the main author. He wrote a series of titles named “Little Schemer”, “Little Java” etc. I never liked these story-telling style books.

@petit do you have examples? i particular like to see python, perl, ruby.

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