xah monologue talk show. when you are at ease, you have power. On exponential growth, futurology, where is human animal going, intelligent animals, eating animals, golang, Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence, AlphaZero, euphemism, iphone, steve jobs, history of swords of the world, cross-eyed PHILOSOPHY. youtu.be/jrJFn4azRtw

in 1 hour, Xah Monologue Talk Show 2019-02-15, is coming up. Uploading to youtube now. lots stuff, about future of human animals, futurology, AI.

what are the risk of installing mac majove and my file got corrupted or something that serious? close to 0? i don't have backup.

megyn kelly has become so ugly. back in 2016, she was a free spiprit. Now, she has become a slave, with cake face. how you look is related to how you are. the word is radiance and sunken.

special relativity by the way, i truly despise physics

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