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one of the problem of writing JavaScript svg math graph plotter, is the canvas size problem.

did github remove it's punch card graphics feature? i.e. stat of which hour u commit.

key macros, great time saver. if you haven't mastered it yet, here: ergoemacs.org/emacs/emacs_macr

of the day. Spherical Cycloid VirtualMathMuseum.org/SpaceCur this is what you get when you roll a circle on another circle, on a sphere.

of the day. Castrato Singing. This is god howling. At 2:25, souls are touched, mountains weep xahmusic.org/music/castrato_si

of the day. 妖精的旋律 エルフェンリート The saddest tune. Elfen Lied ♪ Lilium xahmusic.org/music/elfen_lied. Its from a Japanese anime, of a human story, but incongruously filled with visual violence and gore.

javascript does not have a official name for the common object {...}. I sometimes call it “object object” (to distinguish from array, function, regex, etc). But maybe “data object” is more natural?

@gergely thanks.

took few years just to understand the basics. :D

apparently there are i think phd thesis on a alternative git, explaining why git is complex and unnecessarily so.

, and its doc, is the prototypical think of programers, like C unix lineage, it's the most incomprehensible, to mathematicians, to logicians, to laymen. Only other programers can understand it, by means of “grok”.

Mathematicians remove anything unnecessary. What's left is the pure abstract substance. programers and their writing, moves around things with semi algorithm. Sometimes recipe like, sometimes lose definition. The land of the middle brain.

@gergely interesting. i haven't heard of the aukey brand before.

@gergely have you tried mechanical keyboard? not like them?

song of the day. This song, defines the word SULTRY.
♪ the Borderline xahmusic.org/music/borderline_
Sharon Apple is a artificial intelligence idol. That is, a pop idol (as in hollywood celebs), but in the galaxy, and is an AI hologram.