Xah Talk Show 2019-10-13
Microsoft Apple repair, capitalism vs communism. humanity and classic literature, digital vs analog

live stream in 30 min. goto YouTube xahlee sub + 🔔
and join xahlee club on discord discord.gg/QYFcqNT
lots interesting chat.

omg, discussion in chat forum other than twitter or reddit hackernews is truly a free experiences. lots ideas fly. 10 times. on twitter, it's just same pol fight of no opinions.
counting mastodon. no people.

amazon is aggressively pushing for their amazon Basics stuff. like mouse and electronics stuff.

@yisraeldov in the vid, you see many are apparently not able to do it

some people say Hong Kong riot is not US backed regime change. right. don't forget, NED has been sending millions PER YEAR to HK rebels since 1997.

shocking to me. apparently, a lot people can't do the “asian squat”. I thought it's just video meme. After watching a few, it's true.
Why Asians Can Do The Asian Squat | ASIAN BOSS (한글자막)

apparently, you don't need pillows for sleeping, cuz before tech, human animals still sleep well

Xah Talk Show 2019-10-12
SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard, Mouses, Golang Multi Strings Grep, China Censorship, the American Way

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