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《神奇的二维国》 “啊,多姿多彩的国度,各种各样的人们!.” wordyenglish.com/flatland_chin 这个中文版,觉得翻译的很渣

A Modest Proposal (by Jonathan Swift) wordyenglish.com/p/a_modest_pr

Gulliver's Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World wordyenglish.com/Gullivers_Tra

literature, linguistics, writing, vocabulary, thread twitter.com/xah_lee/status/959

Disorder of a Man of Letters — Xah Belles-lettres

Vocabulary: Combination Words: waylay, hillbilly, henchmen, cheapskate, contretemps, whippersnapper … wordyenglish.com/words/combowo

vocabulary: Hyphenated Words: forward-looking, over-the-top, roly-poly, double-cross, mock-up, well-heeled, pell-mell, put-up, well-nigh, run-ins … wordyenglish.com/words/hyphwor

this is the actual first portable personal computer. MCM Model 70 Microcomputer (1972) xahlee.info/kbd/mcm_model_70_c Also, note the APL keyboard

IBM 5100, year 1975, 1st portable. $90k today's $. Note the APL keyboard. Think about the language, the computing power, at the time, running APL! see videos at xahlee.info/kbd/ibm_5100_keybo

Xah Fly Keys Customization ergoemacs.org/misc/xah-fly-key , added a section on how to Change Command Mode Key Depending on Major Mode

i have a Mac mini. 4 usb ports. 1 for keyboard, 1 mouse, 1 keypad, and just 1 left. So, to record a video, need 1 for cam, 1 for headset. Not enough.

ok. after 2 hours research, the best usb 3.0 hub seems to be amzn.to/2y2zWif you want shielded cable. Else, it screws wireless devices.

got a comment. “Nothing works in emacs26-nox”. about my xah-fly-keys. Sometimes, it's really annoying to do open source.

more video of Trackballs ball Spin xahlee.info/kbd/trackball_spin
tried to record my m570 and trackman marble. but my lousy web cam can't focus.

is there a webcam review site? what's a good web cam?