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politics. (i haven't verified.) The chinese civil war, like the American one, is big topic, frequently discussed, or movies made. The fandom is even bigger than usa civil war, because it's more recent, and the conflict is still ongoing.



look at this guy's profile photo twitter.com/582a1cb9 (click on it, the image at top) Old school guy. All Knuth books. I've read or touched all of them. ^_^
and he runs a interesting UUID database project at uuid.pirate-server.com/

What's your name? Who's your daddy? Is he rich like me?
of the day
The Zombies ♪ Time Of The Season xahmusic.org/music/time_of_the golden oldies. 1967. look at the women and men mutual sex harass

apparently, you can still find thin in trash if you are lucky. PC Reveal keyboard xahlee.info/kbd/pc_reveal_keyb ALPS switch.

tip: instead of buying diamond for wedding, buy sapphire or ruby etc instead. gemstones is such a nerd study. The math geometry of the cuts, optics, the crystal structure.

oh, society and programing scene have changed quite a bit in past decade. the rise of the sj millennials… and many old topics, and lisp, people, i forgot...
i don't know if this is just normal passing of time, or there is something unusual with the rise of sj millennials…

then, there is uuid. e.g. 838f9f38-f241-11de-a663-002421597a5c
but it's unwieldily. too long.
What's Windows CLSID? Second Life UUID?

then, you survey what google etc do. e.g. YouTube uses alphanumeric of length 11 e.g.
a-BOSpxYJ9M. weibo is idiotic, uses basically all visible ascci including punctuations.
flikr uses e.g. 2034207911_c0f7e3eee3

then i thought, let's go full out, 0 to 9, a to z, A to Z. This will further reduce collision, and less chance of creating actual english words. but then, i worry, for some file system or situation, case sensitivity is a problem. also, now it's hard for verbal communication.

but, am thinking, maybe add a to f to make it hexadecimal is good. why not? because it increases the pool, and also has the property of easy convert to number, and no disadvantage of generating actual words such as fsck

then i dither, why not go all the way to use a to z. adding 26 extra char would reduce collision. the chances of generating annoying actual word such as yousuck is minimal. then i thought removing aeoui and 0o1l so it has property of being readable for verbal communication!

according to the math, using just digits 0 to 9 for base is good enough. Adding more char to base e.g. a to z does not increase the pool much. Rather, you want to add string length, this way, the pool increases exponentially.

i have a obsession about this. everytime i have a random string as id, i fuzz about if i can save 1 digit.
Math: ID System, Number Base vs Number of Digits xahlee.info/math/id_system_num

Still disappointed that pansexual doesn't mean you fuck pans.

old rants n spats in comp.lang.lisp

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lol. just read that hackernews article. it's from stackoverflow. jesus, how things have turned bad. That answer there is mostly even factually incorrect. I was surprised it happened to lisp topic now. Where r all the old lispers? ded, retired, i suppose.

What Are the Differences Between Clojure, Scheme/Racket and Common Lisp?
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