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JavaScript spec is the most incomprehensible by far. From my experience, having read at least big part or all lang spec of golang 2018, scheme r4rs 1999, racket 2015, emacs lisp †, python, php 2006 †, clojure †, svg, perl †. those † has no spec just doc. ☺

in Depth
almost every paragraph, has a link to the proper section of the spec.
am removing them all. Because, i think vast majority don't care for it. It just add distraction.

am posting this, because i think now the Young Turks Cenk Uygur is a fakfes

in normal times, this is not of concern. Men ridicule women, women ridicule men. It's common, when not malicious. but now, the sjleft circus fak, made things bad.

reminder. see you there. ask me questions about xah-fly-keys and keyboard
Bay Area (NorCal) Mechanical Keyboard Meetup November 10th 2018

reminder. see you there. ask me questions about xah-fly-keys and keyboard
Bay Area (NorCal) Mechanical Keyboard Meetup November 10th 2018

this thing, “Yoni Eggs”, California white women thing, you put in your va and hope things get tight. and look at this comment. lol.

buy this. Solid Steel 2″ Hand exercise balls
good for Repetitive Strain Injury.
Don't buy those that chimes, n don't buy those with inlaid metal decorations. 2 inches diam is good size for male. May be awkward at 1st, but after a while, smaller r annoying

to understand the details of these syntaxs, see
• Prefix, Infix, Postfix and Lisp Notations
• What's Function, What's Operator?
• Ontology of Postfix Notation, Method Chaining, and Unix Pipe

lol. the last one is the most idiotic. it's spread by OOP fad since 1995, by the likes of java python ruby JavaScript

for beginners.
filling up my CSS tutorial so it covers all commonly used properties. Now, the font topic is complete

“Alien heads found in Georgia”. 'was the origin of name of the font Georgia.

it's only in past decade or so, there's a glimer of hope that math/code can be unified. e.g. look into howard curry isomorphism, homotopy type theory. (by the way, if you are programer, or haskell fan, lol, no u. it's not what you think. and your wishes are not true. STFU. i no wanna hear what u have to say.)

math is about what is. programing is how to. it's definition vs algorithm. On the surface, you'd think both are utmost precise and logic. One should easily turn entire body of math into code, or vice versa. In reality, it's proof system/math foundation research in past decades.

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