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Burma girls


and my American readers, this is a opportunity to learn about Myanmar aka Burma.
read Wikipedia , see map, see its people, street photos, girls, and ye linguistically inclined, its language and design of writing system

this buying season, if you have a keyboard question, ask me. Buy one for yourself or friend.

it must be something, when u use this chess set, and beat the capitalists, or beat the communists.

woke. begin my career for the day. I cannot tell, which is day, which is night.

am super impressed with Surface Pro. Especially its digital pen.

this on amazon is going for $700. it's hand crafted Abalone board game. don't think it's worth.

last year it was Google trying to block Brave browser.

lol. when u download Google Chrome on Microsoft Surface, then on launching setup, it says check your internet because SmartScreen cannot be reached and can't decide it's safe to run it. These bldcking corps still, but that nobody raises an eyebrow now.

All have touch screen with digital pen (which can hover like mouse point without touching screen)
Why introduce the laptop line?
also, they are not set apart by price. Price is diff for cpu and ram level.
though, they are better than Apple's for sure.
there, i fixed your xmas shopping list.

Microsoft surface line seems confusing.
• Now there's a surface laptop where the keyboard is not detachable.
• then there's Surface Book where it comes a hard but detachable keyboard (with GPU in it)
• then there's Pro which has a slim floppy cover+keyboard as option.

swapped my Dell Inspiron 15 7559 with roommate's Surface Pro 4
he needed gaming, i needed portable

chess set, is rife with the most beautiful art craft sculptures. I recall, seeing in a shop back in 1980s, a beautiful set of communism vs capitalism theme. where the cap king is skull king and queen is a voluptuous harlot. let me find it.

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