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and this one is spectacular.
a blonde speaks the Chongqing dialect. one, she is 100% accurate. (as far as any chinese can tell without being expert). 2, the chongqing dialect i actually never heard, other than in kungfu movies like Swordsman.

i work on getting the emacs tutorial update sent to all buyers today.

so Tesla is opening a giga factory in China
great news. while in usa, the sjgang skumsis fkgthingsup n smearing the guy

#Emacs / #orgMode and #goLang enthusiasts: If you haven't yet, check out the new *go-org* library by Niklas Fasching:

It is an Org mode to HTML converter written in Go, and looks like the best non-Elisp Org mode parser till date!

[ It will soon replace the outdated Goorgeous library in #Hugo too. ]
xah emacs talk show.
• writing raw html
• xah-html-mode
• org-mode
• Japanese writing system

in modern society, people r like live stocks. they r concerned with their daily happiness. good food, family, etc. not politics or history or the big picture. as tech marches on, 1984 or the Matrix dystopia, seems likely.

it's truly nasty, twitter algorithm controlling what u see. if you don't particularly hold eye gaze or interact with a person's post, it stops showing on your stream.

China propaganda war. Falungong, China Uncensored, vs Confucius Institute
the last one is news to me.
a lot white americans, are watching China Uncensored, and self smug thinking that they are getting secret truth.

Chaitin's constant
this is when, computer science enters the twilight zone.
if you understand it, let me know. i want to kiss your ass.

Another Bach's piece is Toccata and Fugue in D minor
This is probably the one you are familiar.

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