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the Jack guy, in my book is unforgivable skumbag of high order.
at this point, it'd be hard to find any evidence to convince otherwise.

Sam Harris interviewing him, is interesting. Knowing Sam Harris, i don't think anything he or the conversation says would change my opinion about Jack.

Sam, is a selfish type of fellow. What he does is foremost promote himself. Still a good guy in my view. But, still.

stupid Firefox bug. when you have font-family:serif on chinese char, it touches the top border. does not happen in Google Chrome or Safari.

you never know, if it's a Firefox bug, or maybe Firefox is correct implementation and other browser do extra outside of spec to make it look good. fkg complex css and standard fk by the programer fkheads.

note: seems Joe Rogan has been bought. You probably don't want to listen to his show again.

Joe Rogan, a idiot to begin with, now a sellout.

呵呵。混蛋在国外满天飘 这一题,老杀来讲解。为什么国外以为中国没有信仰?第一,真的吗?如果真的,就是因为,文化大革命,就好像现在的无知混蛋乱搞。


this woman, abused 10 years old girl, pn film ★, now in jail,
lots of these virtuous cry people turns out to be rappers or pd bear

It's truly a marvel that chinese char ~200BC remain the same. Chinese can read most 2k years writings sans training other than college edu. I think Chinese is the only 1. Other ancient langs have not sustained this. Such have a big cultural impact. Ya roots, is part of ya memory.

this is Cursive form of Chinese. It's just fast informal hand writing.
see Chinese Character Styles 汉字字体风格

This is called the semi-cursive form of Chinese.
Semi-cursive, is basically just normal hand writing in legible form.
see Chinese Character Styles 汉字字体风格

Though, their firmware changed since prototype, so i haven't been using it.
I need firmware dvorak, especially for this one, because there are lots duplicated keys. programing key via OS can't distinguish duplicate keys.

this guy wrote The Wandering Earth
apparently, scifi novel community in China has risen.
Note that, scifi novel WAS not a thing in china, but kungfu.

china made a interstellar scifi movie, The Wandering Earth. playing in usa now. seems good reviews.

disappointed by the trailer. It seems, a pop film. pleasing the masses. like, save humanity and help stuff.

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