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𝚺 From Xah Lee's Ergomacs:

Elisp: Move Image File
Elisp: Move Image File ( move_image_file.html ) (code update. now if png, the optipng runs in background.)

𝚺 From Xah Lee's Ergomacs:

emacs lisp walk dir problem, and emacs cult
emacs lisp walk dir problem, and emacs cult

the following was written on 2018-09-03. gonna put here now.


spent past 4 hour on emacs lisp. pretty tired and frustrated. elisp doesn't have a good traverse dir function. The short story is: directory-files-recursively does…

White on black is much easier on the eyes on screen. The problem is, it looks terrible if printed.
there is no simple way to convert White on black design to reverse. Inverting colors doesn't work.
For more about Web Design since 1999, see

the problem with Windows 10 dark theme is that, it's hard to tell windows apart.
latest Mac copied windows.
white on black made a come back was popular among geeks in 2000s.
arstechnica site for example, used to be white on black.

Xah Talk Show. Speech Recognition, me testing out dictation on the Mac, and artificial intelligence, tcp/ip, wireshack, stuff.

Xah Talk Show. Speech Recognition, me testing out dictation on the Mac, and artificial intelligence, tcp/ip, wireshack, stuff.

exceedingly complex. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, disagree! URL Percent Encoding and Unicode

pornhub celebrating chinese new year. i've been watching n observing p since late 1980s when teen. there r so much today. u find young pretty girls in droves doing it. i realised, if society is without law restrictions, p and prost is a natural state, sans any force.

successful videos, usually mean lots editing. that's something i no wanna do. scripted, fake, all prettified in our modern commercialized world. why they edit? of course, to make it nice 4 u, the watcher. Actually the most basic reason is $. Without, see if they do a shit 4 u.

was recording a video but part of my screen showed my blog containing the word “pornhub”. god, got frustrated, cuz it means i have to spend hours to learn video editing, or ditch the recording.
then, i went to YouTube and see to what degree that means ban. ok, seems ok.

re-open this thread. because i noticed that thread is very useful to revive old posts. you know, it's nearly impossible look or search old threads, that twitter facebook etc designed that way. they want you to keep posting.

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