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the very thought of providing for all, such as welfare n ubi, create problems. it makes people's life worse.

the issue with ai/automation worry is that, you think its gonna be a prob cuz u r a tech head. some probs exist only cuz u think it. n the ubi is a starryeyed nerd dream.

basically, the guy is of tech background. i think most tech head's opinion on the world is worthless, n he seems no diff, at all.

my gut reaction is, a chinese blood for usa president? no, it wont happen in 2020, the air inst there yet. and universal basic income? i havnt heared his reasons, but fundamentally, by human nature, it wont be good.
starting to watch, and learn about . universal basic income? lol. if its free, its shit. but lets see what he has to say.

trying to live stream again in 10 min. youtube

i did live stream for about 20 min. but wasn't sure it actually went out.
did anyone see it?

when using obs to stream youtube, how do i get to see the youtube comments?

ok, going live stream in 20 min. youtube, xahlee, sub+alert.

installing python anaconda (what a stupid name).
woa, that's a whopping 2.6G

thinking to start another live stream. on smoking, and other topics. like/heart if you like to see it today.

it seems many major antisjgang people like the like button. i dont quiet get it. am antisjgang, n i dont want the like button. instead mindless click, we can talk, type. more effort, but more human.

the 'like' button is psychology based gamification that began by facebook, designed to get people addicted, w side effect of brainless posts n anger pushing that resulted usa divide. i think its good to remove it.

can any vaper tell me which kit to buy on , something under $30 maybe? not those pen disposable ones. am quitting smoking

there are so many languages in the world. it's really fascinating, and, really, people who speak another lang don't understand you. complete different culture and perspective of things. even today tech mend n mesh a lot, and english, but still. most others, no unstand u!

am i correct that i can simply delete the dir
to clear up the botched install of beautifulsoup4?

i used easy_install by mistake and have a botched beautifulsoup package.

can any tell me how to uninstall it as to clean up? thanks

from earlier today. thanks all for coming by.
xah talk show, 2019-03-12, programing tutorials, doc by dummies, RSS, steno machine, etc

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