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it's funny. when coding python haskell etc, sequential algorithm in nature, but when you have myArray[99], then suddenly, bang, parallel computing is actually going on. This is all the misinfo and complexity began.

the entire scott meyers' talk, is a exhibit of the disconnect of programing lang and hardware.

when coding high level lang eg python haskell, we no think hardware, cuz the compiler to machine code is incomprehensible. a solution is for each lang to also specify a pseudo high level hardware, so any algorithmic properties of the lang's constructs r apparent to eyeball.

this non-math/algorithm properties of speed in programing languages, is a huge problem. i think the problem is that we don't think of hardware esp in high level langs, such as python haskell. but ALL concrete algorithms must have a machine to work on.

i struggled to understand this for over 10 years. the question is this: why array has constant random access time. (but not list) ask a hacker programer, they'll drivel. (including text books) the real answer is, parallel electronic circuits.

speed of array vs list, is one of the most misunderstood thing mouthed by hacker idiots. their speed properties, has nothing to do with math of algorithms, but hardware. more specifically, parallel nature of electronics of memory circuits.

puzzle of the day. try to adjust the number so you get a quarter arc of a circle, with circle centered in middle. Screenshot the result goto

since maybe 7 years ago, i began to see this kinda idiotic graph, where the 2 lines are just mirror images.

before facebook twitter era, a opinion piece means hardwork study knowledge non-trivial. today, 99.99% opinions r shouting match.

unfollowed all hackernews. corrupted fakenews center. time has changed. news sites today r not much relevant, even if not corrupt.

for the past 6 months, my left forearm is in discomfort due to repetitive strain injury. This time, i couldn't really identify the exact cause of it from typing.

really got tired of @Timcast . half of his videos are trash in past 6 months. he's part of the people that produces garbage for money, just as he criticizes. like , keep covering unimportant fringe stuff with a straight face.

Turing Award 2017: John L Hennessy , David A Patterson.
they wrote the classic
Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach
via @sbilik

now, i wonder, if i'd dedicate myself as a youtuber in the teen girl gamer young world, would i get 200k followers in 6 months. actually i think i have a good chance.

how will the culture civil sjgang war turns out , is really hard to say. u look at all the data, incidents, news, trends, all together, still, no conclusion, even on whether it'll tilt to a side or something totally unexpected.

btw when am talking bout the milen gen, am mostly refer to upper mid class of white people in cities in usa. it is these, r fakheads.

the milengen is bon 80 to y2k. they r 20 to 40 yrs old. yeah they idots in general. gen z is any younger than 20. we dunno what they'll be like yet. i think it critically depends on how culture civil sjgang war turns out in next few years.

to ok or not ok, the milen gen idots IS NOT OK.

now, the idiocy of girls is well known, as exhibited n taught by mags like cosmo. for males, the milen idiots is typified by so called gamers, n the types u c in 4chan, w their lang n style of memes. lol. lol, get it?

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