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法不责众。 强大强大真强大 中文真强大。社会的情况都在字句里

利不少得 害不伤身。强大强大真强大 中文真强大。做人的走法 都在字句里

xah talk show 2019-06-09 emacs workflow demo. Unicode Phoenician. 𐤈 𐤈 𐤈 Cherry Point of Sale Keyboards

Unicode Phoenician alphabet 𐤀 𐤁 𐤂 𐤃 𐤄 𐤅 𐤆 𐤇 𐤈 𐤉 𐤊 𐤋 𐤌 𐤍 𐤎 𐤏 𐤐 𐤑 𐤒 𐤓 𐤔 𐤕


xah talk show in 3 hours. Noon, San Francisco time.
goto YouTube xahlee, sub + 🔔.
gonna do emacs workflow demo. add a new unicode phoenician page, and other topics, you ask.
come join me.

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