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xah talk show in 3 hours. 3pm san francisco time. live coding and tutorial of golang. goto youtube xahlee sub + bell.
xah talk show 2019-07-09 Unicode Symbol/Emoji fiasco. sitemap. esr Eric Raymond, open source, fsf

look at nyt. 4M followers. posts every hour or 2. Only 100 or so likes per post. I see nyt ads "promoted" post daily. Literally, paying people to read their fake news.
that's Miley Cyrus. Traditionally this is indecency. In 90s, jail.
Or, perhaps we've reached utopia. but a utopian society don't have unrest like rape etc injustice cries and violence daily. Degenerate chaos is more apt description.

one of the vid, shows a man's hand bombed off. ghastly.

this is fascinating cuz, 1, modern version of what king can do. 2, american's sensitivity bout sex w girl 15 or so (technically, not pedo). 3, the sjw today pushing for sex age below 13.

reading about the case. fascinating. billionaire. own island. like girls around age 15 or so. have sex with them since 2000s or before.

is this actually healthier, more ergonomic? on engineering aspect, would such design be simpler and more reliable? am sure someone had done this before ? … this is Miley Cyrus. Traditionally this is called Degeneracy. it would goto jail in 90s as indecency or obscenity. Or, society is heading towards pleasure utopia. but the latter is not amidst cries of rape feminism man-rule stuff

those takes 4 years to study. i can teach you in 2 years. lol.

lol. Andrew Yang apparently is sly. on the extreme left show, he invokes immigration and anti-trump.

xah talk show in 2 hours. 4pm San Francisco time. The spice must flow. topic is unicode, and possibly live coding/tutorial on golang. come early to dictate topic. goto youtube xahlee sub + bell.

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