Show more Xah Talk Show 2019-08-11. jwz keyboard. why JavaScript no "use js2015", rant on Brendan Eich

start in 10 min. random chat on keyboard, emacs, lisp, javascript, programing languages. come join me. ask question or just chat.

live stream in 2.5 hour, 9am San Francisco time. goto YouTube xahlee sub + 🔔. no topic in mind yet. come on chat. cert expired. probably a ghost town by now.
Pink Pather. I watched a lot around age 10. That's around 1980. I think i saw this one. 30 years ago.

golang 是最好的语言。1 简单。2 快,是python ruby javascript 的5倍。3 最好的手册。4 go 是市场接受成功的语言。这一点很多大牛🐮都无视。其它骇客崇拜的语言,比方scheme,haskell,十年,二十年,三十年,都是鸡毛蒜皮的命运。

When you are rich, at the level of billions. You invite other moguls, prominent politicians, scientists, with girls of pert tits doing their things, on a island, private, it hard to not bulge.

this, you buy. real rotor. (not fixed pitch) powered by battery. i've seen gas powered ones with much complex rotor

copter rotor mechanism. is the lead and flap actually changed in flight?

copter rotor. that disk at bottom and the extensible bar is so that it can tilt the pitch of the blade at exact pitch in every position of the blade as it turns

if you into mechanical engineering, the helicopter rotor must be the most fascinating thing. note, each blade can tilt independently, coherently to position, while spinning at 8 turns per sec. you thought rubik cube is ingenuous.

apparently, Gerald Sussman, the Scheme lisp guy, also went to the island.

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