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Xah Talk Show 2019-11-06
happy hacking keyboard lisp 96 cpu cores, Voronoi diagram in hyperbolic space, emacs, powershell

looks like, for average people, the esc key is useless. it's only useful to some programers i think, and only heavily used in vim.

funny how it takes powershell 10+ years to be widely adopted.

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if you work in windows, poweshell is the proper solution. don't do bash or the ancient sucky cmd.exe :)

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powershell in emacs on windows.
just M-x shell, then type powershell to start it. fantastic. sweet.

when you see a journalist, the first thought you should have is, go fuck yourself

jargons “journalist/journalism” has been chalked up by American left in past decades. They think they are holding free speech. lol. they, are upholding lie and banning think. Next time you think of “journalism”, think toilet mopping reporter.
美国 各大大媒体 三年前就知道 事情,而且都有详细报告,但是被封了,没报告,因为牵涉到 美国总统和各大人物。现在这个信息被挖出。
she ruined the best fugue in the world. it should be stately, she's doing flighty.

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