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live stream in 2.6 hours. 3pm San Francisco time.
goto youtube xahlee sub + 🔔
topic: JavaScript+random.
tentative topics schedule:

xah talk show 2020-01-06
Linux config, meaning of nihilism, rise of NSFW, SJW vs CHAN

the motherfucking mastodon skum, can't post pic again.
Fuck the open source fsf scums, that gets ups google facebook twitter.

live stream in 1.5 hours. 2pm San Francisco time.
some emacs lisp live coding + tutorial for 30 min. then random. the spice must flow.
elisp coding. copy current buffer's file into multiple directories. sub + 🔔

great accent.
Schizoid Personality Disorder: The True Self
what accent is this?

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