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Xah Talk Show 2020-01-09
Nova Scotia, Human Animals n Their Songs, You're So Vain, golang find/replace, emacs key macro

break a fast over sleep.
fuck mastodon. can't post image again since 2 days ago. fuck open source, fuck FSF.

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today's topic is, some golang, continued from yesterday, and unicode stuff. plus random!

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Xah Talk Show 2020-01-08
Unicode Issues in Programing Languages Golang Python Ruby JavaScript Java emacs lisp.

the windows win+L key is super annoying. often i want Ctrl+L but got logged out.

music of the day.
Mono ♪ Ingénue
Note the word Ingénue. It's: endearing, wholesome, candid, naïve. NOT: cunning, vamp, feminism, lgbtqwxyz.

today's topic, by schedule, should be golang mainly. though, am not sure what to talk about

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faak mastodon. can't post images again, since yesterday. again.

Xah Talk Show 2020-01-07
ergodox, xah-fly-keys, emacs lisp books, automated Proving Systems, emacs workflow JavaScript in Depth

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