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so currently my keypad keys are set to do these:
• toggle max window
• browser back/next
• previous/next tab
• close tab
• open last closed tab
• reload page (or in emacs, open in browser)
• zoom in/out
• select all, cut, paste
• switch to last app
• cycle app window

so, i think the best keyboard setup is get one of these programable ones, and get a programable keypad or number pad, use the pad as function keys. prog keypad = ~$80, but numpad is ~$20. mechanical keys, and easy to program via OS.

Firefox: On Mac, scroll acceleration isn't on by default.
Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed

emacs magit mode annoyance. By convention, generated buffer such as diff should have name starting with *. But since last year or so, magit's generated buffer no do that anymore. e.g. magit-process, magit-diff. so your buff switch code can't tell which's which.

12 elite hacker problem is that they too are unrealistic ignoramuses. These hacker types diss js at any chance en mass. They think lang success should or is only due to tech merits. So, their suckest langs, php js, became the most popular langs.

11 amidst these, are open source fanaticism and elite hacker problems. Open source fanaticism helped creating these problems because, hey, it's all open source, for the good of humanity. Let's shush about problems it might have.

10 these js “transpilers” are they way because corporatism. There are sponsored by corporations. With respect to computer science or better programing, they shouldn't be that way, but are, because, for corporations, that represent their best interest.

9 but back to the question, why these js compilers are actually not real compilers, yet seems nobody have this problem? well, lots people have problems with them, it's just that, you don't get to hear them, all you see is lots shiny happy positive help the world js stuff.

8 if you ask on stackoverflow, it's the same thing. A system euphemised as “gamification”, to create addictive behavior that benefits the company. SO induced a system of rules and users, all positive, mainstream. Any question that doesn't befit mainstream and their way, gets axed.

7 these behavior are induced by twitter etc producing behavior that favor promotion themselfs, such as like button, and algorithms that control info flow, in every design down to button color, is designed to maximize profit.

6 if you ask on twitter, some of these project leaders will help you. They are all, positive, kind. But you find that, their primary goal is actually to promote themselfs. e.g. build THEIR community and THEIR tool.

5 the main point here, is that, these js “compilers” are not actual compilers” by definition. e.g. you write 100% valid es2015 js code, and the es5 output is invalid es5 js code. e.g. if you use Map, Set, iterator, or any other es2015 features that's not just syntax improvement.

4 cuz js module is extremely complex, cuz es5 no have modules, es2015 added it, but not widely implemented, and there are 2 existing incompatible module systems. So, to use a module in one of these transpilers, is extremely complex. Each has their own ways to do it.

2 but when you use them, you they actually don't work. e.g. if you use es2015 Map object, they leave it as is. Turns out, these “compilers” only do translation of syntax. They don't actually convert valid es2015 to es5.

3 the normal solution to this, is to use so called “polyfill”, which basically is a fancy name for wrapper or lib. So, great, problem solved, right? Actually not.

Xah Edu Corner Extempore! № 20180413144301, on the Suck of JavaScript Transpilers and Pepetual Idiocy of Programing Industry

1 there are several so called “transpilers” that converts js es2015 to the previous version es5. e.g. TypeScript and Bable. Each shiny, like mermaid's call.

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