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if you want a normal layout flat keyboard, and under $140, this is probably the best. Hall switches! see XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard

“my love; it's been a while; i have you all these years; how you've bore the brunt; on this road, for me”
“爱人 我们已久违 这些年一直有你陪 你受了很多罪 一路随我很累”
it's, Cultural appreciation time! understand humanity via their songs.
王菲 屠洪綱 愛人

so unicode has this table.
if i understand correctly,
the column
“+EP -EPSq” means those are always emoji.
“+EP +EPSq” means can be emoji or text.
“-EP +EPSq” means always text.

and for the fk of me, i can't find these ⭐ 🌟 on that chart, and no unstand why they are not there. futter

some unicode symbols, now becomes emoji, which makes many math symbols such as ↔ ➡ not usable.
unicode created skin colors (variant sequence invisible chars), which is now used to modify symbols.
but is badly written.

and there's no programable way to tell which char can be text and emoji or other combinatorial shit.

fuck unicode.
the @unicode consortium has become a commercial turd, like any org that got big. they are now about money, swayed by politics, and creates bloated shit.

analysis of the day. This cute video shows the beginning of replication process of human animals. And a lovely song. Not the crass mainstream, but art. “Slow Mover” by Louise Alenius

now, analysis of human animals by their songs. A very cute young girl, singing “Rolling In The Deep”. Watch the ending 10 seconds. It's called PRECOCIOUS.

if you want a normal layout flat keyboard, and under $140, this is probably the best. Hall switches! see XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard

Apple Keyboard has lots design problems. It's the keyboard to get RSI fast. Also, it's the least functional. see

this is the cutest keyboard. 1999 Bondi Blue iMac. I had 2 of them, one bondi blue one pink. At the time, i love it. Not today. Added lots more photos. Apple Keyboard History ⌨

FLATLAND: A Romance of Many Dimensions
“Fie, fie, how franticly I square my talk”.
“O brave new worlds, That have such people in them!”

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