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, Compare Files or Directory
you can use git diff instead, it's better. it has color etc. especially in emacs eshell
git --no-pager diff --color --no-index f1 f2

i noticed, sine last year, if you retweet a older tweet (say from 1 year ago), twitter may not show it to others. i know because i have another account, and don't see it. twitter skum.

live streaming with obs is successful! thanks guys for coming by.

doing a live stream now, come join me, talk about emacs.
this is my first streaming using obs software and it seems working out great. so come let's have some chat. well you can only type text, and ask me stuff, i do demo.
i'll also do hangout some other day, but come now.

start at 26:29, hp-28s calc solving 8-queens problem, stacks, Forth lang, Mathematica lang, haskell, lisp, scientific vs industrial programing/languages

i was doing test streaming on YouTube
surprisingly, 9 people came to watch it, and i end up talking for 1 hour, about
fsf, rms, opensource, linux vs Mac vs windows, etc.
thanks guys.

while reviewing old article
Web Design: Should Hyperlinks Have Underline?
discovered, that does not use https still. very strange.

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