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how to connect your Hubzilla account to GnuSocial for automatically crossposting Show more

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Firefox Focus is migrating from the built-in Android WebView to GeckoView. Very cool! hacks.mozilla.org/2018/09/focu

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chrome://flags/#account-consistency ➡️ DISABLED

eu utilizo , pero a sincronización utilízase do mesmo xeito

bc of this ➡️ mastodon.social/@newsbot/10077 via @yogthos

Deben ser divertidos os comentarios a este artigo

oil is 'pure poison', says Harvard professor


mágoa non ter acceso a eles (ou non velos).

...a pedrada que levan as veciñas xaponesas na mastodon non é menor.

Non digo nada! que cada un temos a nosa! pero imaxino que deben ter o disco duro(?) a tope de imaxes de estas que andan por aquí. Non digo que sexa ilegal/amoral, digo que me parece obsesivo e si hai tantas é porque se consumen.

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Blessed is the man, who having nothing to say, abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact. - George Eliot #famous #quotes

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Ok, so all the cool people are doing the #introductions thing, so:

I'm Diniz from #Galiza (that's north of #Portugal and west of #Spain).

I studied #Physics & #ComputerScience but dropped off to pursue a career in #design, which I have been doing since. If you are curious, here's a portfolio: sacauntos.com

In my spare time I teach #KunstDesFechtens (that's #HEMA) at «Arte do Combate»: artedocombate.gal

I also co-publish #HEMA books at ageaeditora.com .


Esto resume bastante ben a "situación"

vía @jaywink (na súa instancia propia) pero non sei cómo ligalo aquí.

➡️ benmercado.gal/market/

En teoría:
- produtos de proximidade
- de proveedores con compromisos éticos

Interesante, pero heino mirar ben para ver quen está detrás.

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Have you heard about Ada Lovelace Day? It's an international day of celebration of women in STEM, held on 9 October. There is a live show in London, tickets available from here findingada.com/events/ada-love and independent events all over the world findingada.com/worldwide-event

This year is our tenth, and we'd love to make it the biggest one yet. Come along to our live show, attend an event, organise one of your own or write a blog, and help us celebrate all the amazing women in STEM, past and present!

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@xosem libro da infancia as bruxas, Roald Dahl é un dos meus escritores favoritos <3 ains pero en galego quédome con Agustín Fernández Paz
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