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[CULTURA] As persoas detrás da épica percebeira. O filme documental 'Entre a onda e a rocha' estréase en nove salas: t.co/E7HUksrKkm t.co/VFCpJoIbcd #SermosGaliza #galiza

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Claro que la banda sonora de "The hateful eight" merece el Oscar. La última gran creación de Il Maestro Morricone para la vuelta al gran cine de Tarantino. Con ella arrancamos el Especial Morricone del Rutas Enemigas 301.

Aquí lo teneis: rutasenemigas.blogspot.com/201

#radio #podcast #radioshow #webradio #radiopodcast #radiolibre #RutasEnemigas #EnnioMorricone #orchestra #orquesta #Tarantino #TheHatefulEight #bandassonoras #cine #cinema #BSO #soundtrack #OST #music

😂 😜

@xabier_diaz dixit:

"Ainda quedan moz*s que safaron do sulfato ou son resistentes ao mesmo... mañá cántolles unha muiñeira na @salagalileo 💙"

This is about being far from home and listening some random teens on the street talking using your language.

es la m...... 💩 más grande pinchada en un palo que ha parido .

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@fribbledom makes you wonder how frequent these "routine security reviews" are when they just discovered plain text passwords dating back to 2013 or 2012

shit! I thought I'd found some kind of instance but it's just another ' devs instance 👎 😅


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2019 Book No. 27
Title: The Unwomanly Face of War
Author: Svetlana Alexievich
Published: 1983
Finished: 2019-03-21

An oral history of Soviet women who fought and served in World War II. Haunting in its individuality; devastating in its plurality. Loved.

ANTES DE CORTAROS LAS VENAS, PULSAD "CRTL+h" y comprobad que no hay un p*** fichero con el nombre ".nomedia". :blobfacepalm:


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I have so much male privilege as a runner.
#1 Can easily pee on a long run
#2 Can run in the dark without worrying
#3 Can grimace and pour sweat and look exhausted
#4 Nobody tells me I should run at a "sexy pace"

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💀 🎲 No, no voy a publicitar tu sitio de apuestas. 💀 🎲
He recibido un correo con una propuesta para publicitar una página de apuestas en mi página... de psicoterapia.
Y no, no voy a publicitarlo. Porque no quiero contribuir de modo alguno con el sufrimiento que luego veo en consulta.



@dansup illo, que cojone me ase con un cacha de gugle en la página de login?

@pixelfed WTF!? Seriously: WTF!?

I've opened a new topic on socialhub.network forum with the collateral problems this creates when 2FA is enabled


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Finding THE right digital medium for reading manga

I've been exploring options how to get into japanese comics. What tablets and apps are available? How much does it cost to get a good digital manga experience? plume.mastodon.host/~/Self/tab

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The Federation of Democratic Instances (FeDI) is growing!

:ac_leaf: Social.coop
:sunbeam: Sunbeam.city
:kirby_happy: Plush.city
:_witchhat: Darkpeak.org
:mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve: Greatjustice.net
☁️ Hostsharing.coop
:lunarpunk: Lunarpunk.space


🚴 4h20' on the bike (90km +2000m ascend). I'm dead. Actually not! 😅 I'm comfortably dead (numb): shower, good lunch & now watching whats happening at

r'u doing fine?

(as in )

Street Piano Film - Instrument of Change

Street change cities and street pianos change lives, bringing life to dull urban spaces. Acoustic pianos are being dumped. Some are rescued and put on the street for anyone to play. We follow the lives of three players and see how these pianos affect their lives

This is a not for profit educational video, free, with no monetisation.


my quota is not enough to ⬆️ it

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