I had tickets to see Tash Sultana today, but I skipped it to work on @pixelfed . I can see her again, but pixelfed will only launch once!



@dansup man, take time for you. F***off @pixelfed and deadlines. IMHO.

Q: will Beta be open to register or with invitation? Thanks

Thanks for your work.

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@xosem Hi, the beta registration will be open to anyone in the #pixelfed channel on freenode on May 31.

@dansup @xosem this makes me want to set up my server to idle in that channel until then.

Hm. I should probably just install an irc client first.


I follow that channel from a IRC room on @matrix

...just in case ;)

@Satsuma on your client
search for room selecting

It will look something like:

#pixelfed:yourMatrixServer.here ๐Ÿ˜‰

@zatnosk @matrix

@charlag oh, maybe @xosem have a clue to why it fails?
I haven't used matrix, so I know nothing :)

@dansup @xosem I've got to figure out what freenode is by then xD

Last boost: note to self get an irc client before Thursday.

(Anyone got any suggestions?)

@xosem @dansup @pixelfed I agree. Take some time off. You will probably be very busy during/after the beta so burnout is a very real possibility if you don't take breaks.

@jonne @xosem @pixelfed I appreciate the concern, I can take a vacation after the first stable release! I don't have a full time job, so I can focus a lot of time on PixelFed.

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