"Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts" & "The age of surveillance capitalism"

My head's gonna kaboom. It's all that we here at fediverse already know or have the feeling to know, but reading it crystal clear, using wise and sound arguments put together it's like looking yourself at the mirror and not liking what you're seeing. At all.

.... e estáseme a por a cabeza como un bombo.

Bye !!! Have a nice weekend (if possible).

I'm learning A LOT about all you and me.


...and about so-called social media and mob behaviour. Who pays the bills?

I (me, ghose) don't know what reasons FB gave to this group, but apparently " Facebook deleted this group in entirety today with no warning for breaching 'community standards'"

@xosem it's quite interesting that after a new wave of twitter users comes to fediverse they just stay for a week (at most).

(A)assholes and (F)fake people are not feeded and promoted by desing (and profit), so they early realize that this is not their natural environment

on average they don't get enough "engagement fuel"

... e onde queda o en todo esto?

Somos seres sociais, e aquí tamén padecemos algún dos males sinalados (engagement, adiction, assholism,...) pero os TL son cronolóxicos e non se procesa ao usuario para minalo. Con esto xa gañamos algo.

by Shoshana Zuboff

"After reading point 5 I felt really sad. Just look how we're doing with our planet, then think if that's what you want for your children also, been rotten and vacuum inside."


pa cortarse las venas.

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