If you haven't checked out latest @PlumeDev developments you might want to. Thanks !!!

Nice interface, admin and performance improvements.

Ex.: I'm on fediverse.blog/~/Contribu%C3%A and right now is on 0.3 version

you can follow any @PlumeDev blog and/or plume user WITH YOUR account (pleroma, mastodon, hubzilla,etc.) as you'd do with any other account

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... and .... talking about devs .... @PlumeDev is it possible to add a user as Editor to a currently existing blog? or should we start a new one?

another thing I'd like to suggest is, on LIKES notification (dashboard) the name of the user links to her/his account, as it does with follows and reblogs. Thanks.

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@xosem hello!

adding more other authors to blogs is planned for future versions

and I think we have an issue on Github about the notification thing too (at least I'm aware of it, and I'm myself often annoyed by that ^^)
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