Hey you, photographers!
I'm looking for a new camera, i usually take landscapes pics, and i love picking details even from long distance.
I'm excluding the reflex type, i'm more for the bridge.
I prepared some choices, what do you suggests?

[0] nikon.it/it_IT/product/digital
[1] nikon.it/it_IT/product/digital



one important aspect is how long Nikon updates camera's software. I have no experience with nikon though, but the most recent model will have more updates

compact format is good for travel, the lightest the better but not at expense of fragile equipement.

Long time ago I had (still have) a Panasonic (Leica lenses, very outdated now) so similar to that nikons. Nowdays my prime camera is a FujiX e2 (five years old!!) but very satisfied with fuji service and quality also.

@xosem thank you for these tips! 😀 i'm aiming at nikon because my father has one and it's pretty nice 😉

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