bo día! as que usamos lineageOS e outras ROM alternativas (todo o que non sexa oficial) vánnolo a por complicado grazas a :blobcheer: Dependerá do sistema elexido polo banco, pero pinta mal (para min).

@xosem i had the same problem (with both my 2 bank accounts), but i managed to avoid this: i requested a new OTP device that has a small keyboard that fullfill the new auth requirement).
Before i had a device similar to the most left, now it's more like the most right (in the image).
Maybe your bank has them too?

@metalbiker thank you. I'll will ask the for alternatives but I got a message from them saying that app update and mobile auth activation will be mandatory to both mobile app and browser/desktop operational auth. I've not been able to activate this service so far, trying to patch my rooted ROM spoofing google services and so. Let's see. Thanks

@xosem maybe with Magisk you can pass the SafetyNet control in the meantime?

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