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The ethical Instagram alternative @pixelfed is launching soon, but did you know that there's another federated photo sharing site in development?

It's called #Anfora (previously known as Zinat) and it's been developed in co-operation with #PixelFed so that they will be as compatible as possible (and they both use #ActivityPub).

Anfora is asking for help and feedback, links below:

Official account:


Dev's account:

hai un nuevo servidor en la ciudad @404 que no se yo si será una herramienta más para las vecinas (genérico) de @switter en su lucha para poder difundir su producto, pero vaya, que aqui queda dicho.

Además parece tener un bot que sigue a todo el que nombra en el así que si escribes en algún mensaje seguro que tienes una nueva vecina que te sigue 😅

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@caesarologia I don't follow any team or racer. I just enjoy the race and hope for exciting finishes. Stage 1 finish was just that. #tdf #tdf2018

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Due to closing down, we have moved our official account to See:

The new account is:

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Orales! no sabía que si agregas ".atom" o ".rss" a el link de mastodon con el @usuario automáticamente te muestra el Feed para ser agregado a alguna otra página o aplicación, por ejemplo yo:

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Ana Glez. López: Conductor ebrio y/o drogado atropella mortalmente a X y se fuga

Da igual cuando leas esto.


Tb da igual cuando leas esto porque nadie hace nada por cambiarlo.

(*) Persona, en cualquiera de su formas de circular: peatón, ciclista, motorista...

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O 'Faneka Gaming' converterá Cangas na capital galega dos eSports #praza #galiza

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Mastodon is nice because even if you're just some random nobody on here, you're still given an equal and fair spot on the public timelines that everyone sees.

There's no weird, biased algorithm determining whether you deserve to meet new people or should just stay lonely forever because the algorithm says so.

Un conductor ebrio y drogado mata a un ciclista y deja herido leve a su hijo de 8 años en una carretera de Villena (Alicante) |

Pareciese que le ha levantau la novia a alguien


🚽 "traballo feito non corre presa"

Boa finde a todas! 😘

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#FOSS works best when we're pioneering something new that the entrenched players don't even want to think about because it's against their business model.

Right now, #activitypub is creating something really interesting and new ( the #fediverse ) by being an interoperable layer connecting previously separate proprietary services. #Twitter, #Instagram and #Reddit won't share content and comments, but #Mastodon, #PixelFed and #Prismo (+others) will...

#Diaspora? 😢

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